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Pavlova and Apple Pie

Pudding Party

I love pudding!
Are you like me and get to the end of a meal at a great restaurant and feel really sad if you don’t have room for pudding? I know there is a separate pudding stomach but sometimes one can not give the pudding the due attention it deserves as the full food stomach is limiting the experience.

To honor all things sweet and the fact that Yme’s exams are over we had a pudding party on Saturday. It was just the sort of party I like. It had a rough starting time but the idea was for people to feel free to pop in and out through the afternoon and evening. This is just what happened. People started arriving at 2pm and the last of a wonderful friends left on Sunday evening 😉 4 of us were knitters and even had a little knit session late afternoon and a chat about yarn and patterns and stuff.

I had a wonderful time, The Geek did make some boy pudding (braai) but all in all we ate a lot of awesome pudding.

Tiramisu, Pavlova, Caramel Banana Tart, Malva Pudding, Pink Fridge Tart ( Caleb’s favourite by far!) Apple pie, Custard, Ice cream, Chocolate marshmallow cakes, Purple Cup Cakes and Muffins. I did have some chips out and Crudite for those that needed a break from the sweetness. Rachel tucked into the raw veggie snacks with great gusto. My odd little girl, she did eat some pudding but seems to get full up of sweet stuff quite quickly, unlike her mom.

Here are a few pictures from my phone, sorry not very good but still

Caleb's favourite

Caramel and Ginger biscuit pudding

Pavlova and Apple Pie

Malva pudding and choclolate cakes

pudding party

Thank you to Andre, Carle, Norah, Shane, Carlise, Yvette, Annatjie, Anne, Chantel and Michelle.

And a huge Thanks to my Geek. Our dishwasher broke last week and he did a lot of dish washing before, during and after the party. He rocks!