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rainbow hair

Rainbow Hair Phase 1

Ever since I saw this picture on Pinterest I have coveted rainbow hair

rainbow hair

The problem is that it will be hard to get these bright colours over pink. I decided that I would do this for my wedding hair (not that The Geek has asked yet, but all in good time). Seems like a good idea to plan it for a big event, as it would be impossible to maintain for long. Afterwards I would go back to pink and dye over the colours until they grew out, they would be muted shades of pink and purple. Like this except more pink and purple as the blue and green I guess would go purplish under with pink over

Rainbow hair

But to do rainbow, I need hair that has not had pink on it before. To get the pink out would be hard as it is 2 years worth of dying and pink is notoriously hard to remove. The options seemed to be growing it out and looking like I had forgotten to go to the hairdresser or shaving it off and growing non pink hair until I wanted to do the rainbow, neither of these appealed to me at all.

I was chatting to @stylinggenius on twitter. She confirmed that growing out or shaving would be best. Then I googled this picture

rainbow hair

So the solution is to only carry on bleaching and pinking the top so it looks okay and only the bottom grows out. It will look a bit odd, but it is not like I am not used to looking odd 😉 and this way I stay pink. Even when I do the rainbow it is under the pink so Pink Hair Girl is still mainly pink

rainbow hair phase 1

It is hard to take photos of your own head!
but here is the top only bleached the bottom ponytail part will grow out. I think I will cut it shorter for this growing out stage.

And it tied in with my gift of today. While I am not saying The Geek does help me dye my hair, but if he did, then just doing the top would mean I can do it myself and he does not have to help. He would be most willing to help if he ever did, and again not saying he does, but not having to do it would make him happy.

So phase 1 will take about a year I guess. Time enough for The Geek to ask me, yes i know i am a bit hasty in my planning, but i know he will ask when he is ready and i know this takes ages so best be prepared.