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Everybody Hurts Sometimes

I was in the bathroom getting dressed after a shower when I heard R.E.M “Everybody Hurts” playing from the dinning room.

I was immediately transported back to my res room in university. I remembered listening to this song, broken hearted over unrequited love. You only learn through these painful experiences, the lessons life has to teach. At the time you always think there is something wrong with you, why could the other person not love you. Why do we do that? Why do we not think that maybe they are just not the right one? I guess only time teaches that.

But today the song meant something else. I walked out to Rachel babbling to Yme, unaware that he was in pain. I sent her outside and just stood and held him for that moment. The quiet sad moment of remembering. A few short months and the pain is still raw.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Hurts Sometimes

  1. That is such a sad song that can bring out so many emotions. Even though I’ve never met you guys I think about Yme and his sister often. I started reading your blog a while ago and then also saw that she was sick. I read up on the disease and for me it was so incomprehensible that someone could be so young and so healthy, and then get what seems like a sinus problem and it turns out to be a disease with such a low survival rate. I just kept on thinking she’s going to defy the odds. The whole thing bothered me so much that I shared her story with my husband and my brother who I worked with. I cried with you guys when she died especially because she didn’t get to see Titus, and that she would not see him grow up. I also could not even imagine having the joy of a new life together with the sadness of losing someone.

    Then my baby was born 4 months ago (I still tweeted you while I was in labour). My brother couldn’t come to see him, because just after the birth he got sick with what they thought was a hernia. We kept on saying we’ll see each other when he is healthier or after the hernia operation. Took the dr’s almost 2 months to realise it wasn’t a hernia but stomach cancer that has already spread to the other organs. He went home after the diagnosis. At least we could take the baby to him, and even though he couldn’t walk anymore the baby could hold his finger which made my brother smile. A month ago my brother died.

  2. Its truly amazing how some songs trigger certain emotions in us. I love that song. I still miss my brother even though its 14 / 15 years later. I often listen to Aerosmith cause that was his favourite music, it always makes me smile.

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