Knitted canary


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It was a friends son’s birthday and he requested birds. So I made these 2 little guys. Rachel made the nests

This one comes from this free pattern I found on Ravelry. I changed the beak though. He sits very round on their pictures but I found the knitted shape hard to make into the picture and actually enjoyed knitting the other pattern better. This one you make the neck by threading a strand and weaving it in and tying but I think it should have been lower.
knitted bluebird

This bluebird pattern is from Mama4Earth from her Natural Suburbia Blog
I made this one in yellow as I had a bit of scrap and Thomas likes yellow so I guess he is more of a canary really. The shape is much nicer and I would knit this little bird again.
Knitted canary

Knitted birds on nest

Final present included the 2 birds and pine cones, peanut butter and wild birdseed so he can make bird feeders to hang up and watch wild birds come to the garden.

7 thoughts on “Birds

    • I want to do it with my kids too, we have tons of pine cones so we might as well use them too. I think I will make it our activity this week.

  1. So awesome. Matti had the pine cone thingy once – he LOVED rubbing peanut butter all over the cone, and hanging it in the tree. It’s immediate joy 🙂 Well done – your birds are gorgeous

    • Thank you, we made one today and then ran out of peanut butter, so it is on the shopping list
      We are going to make our for our spoilt chickens as a treat

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