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We have chickens

I have always wanted chickens but just did not think we would be having them so soon. It was the church Bazaar in Philadelphia where Carle lives on the 2nd September. She knew that I wanted chickens at some point and so she ordered me some when she pre-ordered for her boys. And so our adventure with chickens began on 2 Septemeber at the Philadelphia Kerk Bazaar.

I read up about chicks and you are supposed to have a special brooder with a red heat lamp. We did not have that so we use a hot water bottle and 2 rice filled microwave bags to make our box warm. You are supposed to measure the temperature and keep it constant and decrease a certain amount each week – well no we could not do that either. I was panicking that I would kill my chickens and they would freeze to death.

We prepared our box with hot water bottle, soft fleece and even an old feather boa so they would feel all cozzy. The chicks were at the kids stall at the Bazaar, each in half a cut off coke bottle with some straw and food and a handle. There were about 50 chicks in total that all the kids were coming to buy. They were all peeping loudly which I later learned is there way of saying they are cold. Our 2 preordered chickens and my 1 extra ‘just-in-case’ chicken were put into our warm shoe box and put in the car to keep warm. During the evening I did feel sorry for the other chickens that were carried around in the bottle by kids all evening. I wonder how many survived?

They really were just tiny bundles of fuzz

Titus trying to eat one

I heated their bottle before I went to bed at about 11, then when Titus woke for a feed at 3 I heated it up again and by some miracle they all survived their first night. I chose the smallest runt to be mine so that the kids ones had the best odds of surviving. There was much debate as to what the names should be. Caleb had some weird names but one he said was Number Jacks so I suggested Jackie. Rachel’s is fluffball and mine is Gertrude or Gertie as I think Chickens should have posh names.

The next day they were moved to a bigger box, the one side had food and water and the other their hot water bottle

Chicken hotel

By 2 days later they had wing feathers poking out of the fuzz and by the 6th they were this long. I marked Gertie with pink 😉 Jackie is the biggest and Fluffball is shy so we know them apart now

The start of wings

Then chicken coop building started. They need to move to a coop by about 5 weeks so the construction began
chicken coop begins

Caleb lends a hand

strong boy

building the coop

coop building

The frame and door
frame and door

This weekend the wire went on so the run was ready for them to explore, the coop and nesting boxes will get added. They are still too small to stay outside all the time but they do go out for times during the day

They all huddled in the corner until Jacques and Caleb went in with them
boy and chicks

you can see how much they have grown
feeding chicks

I am Yme’s incomplete sentence

The thing about pink hair is that it makes you recognisable. There are not that many of us with pink hair so people remember you. I was in the wool shop on Thursday and a lady caught my eye and said “Hi, how are you?” So I was polite back but it was clear I did not know who she was. It turned out she was from Yme’s dad side of the family and I had met her at Natasha’s funeral. I met a lot of people that day.

She said “you are Yme’s…” slightly awkward pause as she did not know what to call me and then she said “oh and look how the baby has grow” and then lots of comments on how cute he was and that he looked so good.

I had a bit of a chuckle later and now tease Yme that my status is that on an incomplete sentence. I must admit it was a bit weird and did leave me thinking how sad it was that a relationship does not seem valued in our society until there is a wedding.