Tutorial How to make a Dinosaur tracksuit top

I saw this Dinosaur tracksuit top on Pinterest, it is so easy. I made one for Caleb’s birthday and it has been a real hit with him and his friends. Here is the link to the blog tutorial with some nice pictures, I have added my instruction below

Here is how to make it:

1: Find a plain tracksuit top with a hood and zip, this was the hardest part as it is very hard to find plain tops with no writing or pictures on them.

2: Choose a colour felt that works with the colours of the top you bought

3: Make a triangle shaped template to cut out the spines. I measured from top of the hood along the middle of the back to the base and divided this by about 11. I think they were about 5cm at the base

4: Fold felt in half and cut the triangles with base on the fold so when opened it makes a diamond.

5: Fold the tracksuit hood and body down the middle where you want the spines to go and iron along this line. I am a non ironer but this really does help you to get them in the right place.

6: Sew the diamonds down on this ironed fold line, the original idea the lady hand stitched them but I use the machine and it was super quick

7: Fold the diamonds in half to make triangles and sew along the sides, you can use blanket stitch like this or just straight stitch too.

8: Done! Give it to your designated child to wear.

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