Gift challenge update

I posted a while ago that I was on a year long gift challenge to make, upcyle or regift all the presents I gave. Here are some of the things I have done so far

A friend’s kids were having a party for their doll Pumpkin and we could not go empty handed so I made a quick pumpkin for us to take

I came across this scarf pattern years ago and like that it is unusual. It was Yme’s moms birthday and I wanted to make her something very special and had some Lumpy Bumpy yarn left from when I imported it. I really love the way it came out and when she wears it to work with her black top and jacket it look amazing. I think the colours suit her and bring out the special spark and vitality for life that she has. This picture does not do it justice on her. I must try get one of her rocking it in her work outfit

My friend Catherine takes so many amazing pictures of my family I wanted to thank her, she mentioned that Paul’s favourite Aran Cable hat had a hole in it, so I made him a new one. I don’t have a picture of it on. I know in the photo it looks very long but Caz assures me it fits. I will have to ask her a pic of it on Paul if she can get him to agree

I also made made a dinosaur one which her Bear loves

A twitpic of it on – not best quality but love the way he puts it on and loves wearing it, the little spikes land up going straight sometimes and not so straight other times

I made some toy food for Suzanne’s daughter birthday

I made another scarf for Acidicice’s birthday. I need to get one of it on her. I just have a picture I took after I made it

I am busy work on a felted pencil bag for Ghilraen’s daughter and some knitted food for her other daughter. I have one glove of a set for Sharon done. She too has taken such amazing pictures for me that when she asked for fingerless gloves I just had to make them as a gift even though she wanted to pay me. They have been a challenge, but I actually love how this one has turned out. Too bad by the time I am finished the other one it will be too warm for them! Oh well there is always next year

I have an decided what I am making for Mom’s 60th. I have the yarn from Carle at Nurturing Fibres but because Mom might look here between now and her birthday I can’t mention what it actually is that I am making. Lets say it will be a first and I am excited.

I have quite a few hats and things I have made for orders but that is another blog post.

8 thoughts on “Gift challenge update

  1. I do love that scarf that you knitted for Heather. Am going to try my hand at that Aran Cable hat. Must watch a “how to cable” episode on you-tube.

  2. Sally, I would love a pattern for the food or just a basic outline of how many stitches, when to reduce etc.

    And I would LOVE the pattern for the scarf that you made for Heather.

    • Of course, which food did you want patterns for? I just knitted and did not write down but I can make a pattern and put it up for you, let me know.
      The scarf I should have put the link in, and to the hat I made Paul, let me go edit quickly

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