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I am a terra firma kind of girl. I like having my feet on the ground. I don’t mind flying as am means to get from A to B but not that keen on small planes. I don’t really want to sky dive, bungee jump, go into space if that was something normal people could do. This quite amazes Yme as he would love to be an astronaut and would jump at the chance to go and colonize other worlds if that was ever an option like in sci-fi movies and books. No I am really quite happy on land

While I have my feet on the ground I really like to help people. A few months ago I blogged about Alice a young 15 year old girl would has terminal cancer and she wrote a bucket list. We are making a box of goodies to send her a small piece of SA as she can not travel here. The things have started to come in and thanks to everyone who sent stuff, I will do a post about the box before I send it.

I went to her blog to see how her list was going and I saw that she has managed to do quite a few things in England but that whale watching was still on the list. It is whale season here in the Cape and I wondered how we could get her a personalized video of the whales so it could be like she was here watching them. I contacted The Simon’s Town Boat Company to see if it was possible for them to do a video or if I could maybe send someone on a trip. They kindly got back to me and offer that me and a videographer go out with them and record a personal video for Alice. I am really touched by their kindness and willingness to help.

I am excited and terrified. They have been so kind and I really hope that I will not be sea sick or anything. Being a dry land kind of girl means I am not sure how I manage on a boat. But this is not about me this is about trying to make it something lovely for her. I hope we have nice weather and that the whales are out on Sunday. Wish me luck

8 thoughts on “Whales

  1. HAHA. You will rock this just like you rock everything else in your life. You can totally do it. Going to get some postcards this weekend which I will forward to you.

    I actually love going out on boats. Have not flown yet but my DH says it’s like taking a bus to Wynberg – just more exciting.

    ps…your Yme sounds like my DH. He would totally do space travel and colonise other worlds if he could.

    • Thanks Julia. I really feel blessed to have the chance to do this for her.

      Well the men are welcome to go off colonizing I am staying here

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