The words every mother hates


‘It is a virus.’ There is nothing to be done for a winter virus of snot and slime and coughing and misery. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to need antibiotics and most of us know it is not good for them to be on antibiotics repeatedly, but damn there is something that feels good about doing something.

A virus makes you helpless, you have to just watch them suffer. Of course antibiotics for a virus is not helpful either but I can see why so many moms used to try pressure my dad to prescribe them, when he was a GP. They give you something to offer your little one as they suffer.

Titus is sick. Viral, snot, cough etc. We did go to the Dr because after one child with RSV and a collapsed lung as a baby I just wanted to check it was not in his chest. It is not, just all upper respiratory. So we have saline nasal spray and wait and see. I actually liked the Dr a lot. She is the local Melkbosstrand Dr a friend recommended. I like that she did not rush in with antibiotics and was thorough in examining him. His ears are a bit dull and might get sore so we just need to keep an eye on that.

I was thinking maybe medicine does not have anything for a virus but what about herbs to help.

So after much reading and a visit to the health shop I made him a deconcotion of chamomile, anise, sage and elderberry. I even found a recipe for a immune boosting syrup I can make for the older 2 to help us through cough and cold season.

Yay I can DO something, I can make and give my kids something to help. ‘take that you nasty virus, I am not powerless’

Disclaimer: herbs are the basis for a lot of medicine and can be very powerful and even dangerous. Because they are natural does not just make them safe. Read and check before giving anything to your kids.