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Abortion anyone?

I am Pro Choice. I have blogged about needing to make that choice before on Pinky and the Geek.

Tonight I was driving home from watching Cars2 with the kids, which was really cute. At the end of DJ Fresh’s show was a comedy minute and the woman was talking about abortion she said that she was Pro Choice but somehow people always seem to hear wrong and interpret this to be Pro Abortion.

At first these may look like one and the same thing but as she went on to say no one says “oh I am bored lets have an abortion for fun” or has abortion parties. No one relishes the idea, just sometime it is the best decision (choice) for that woman at that time and as such her right to choose should be respected. Knowing no one goes into it lightly and without it having an effect on them, sometimes the alternative is worse.

Of course prevention is better than cure and no one goes around telling everyone it is a fantastic idea and great fun. It is just a hard difficult option.

So I agree with the comedian (and she was actually funny, I know it sounds like a strange thing to write comedy about, but she was good at highlighting a sensitive issue) I think there is a difference between pro choice and pro abortion. Or is it just semantics? What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Abortion anyone?

  1. I agree that many people connect pro-choice with pro-abortion.

    I’m pro-quality of life – quality of life for the mother and child – which effectively makes me pro-choice too, although my criteria are perhaps more spelled out.

    I also heard the skit on the radio and thought it was a great way to highlight a serious issue.

  2. I usually tell people that I am not pro-abortion but that I am pro-choice.
    I support the fact that a woman has the right to decide what will be the best thing for her and her unborn child. I respect the fact that whether or not I agree with it, it is ultimately her right and her decision.
    I think that one cannot possibly understand the emotions that go with having to make that decision until you have walked that road yourself. Having to make a decision like that is painful and I don’t wish it for my my worst enemy.

  3. I agree there is a difference – I am pro choice for others (their life, their body, their choice to make and their choice to live with)- but anti abortion for me … because I get to make that choice!

    • Thanks B, so many that are anti for themselves want others to feel the same. I always felt so supported whatever I decided when I spoke to you.

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