This too will pass

I think those few words have to be the motto of almost every mother. Often no doubt said through gritted teeth as we battle the latest parenting challenge. This post is written Titus moaning in arms, we have spent the last hour trying to read to the older kids. We have given up, they are watching TV. He has cried, fussed, moaned, burped, wee’ed, chewed at his hands, moaned more, cried etc. He just had wind and sore gums. Both of which we can cope with, he is a baby, they cry sometimes. What is hard is juggling this with very little sleep and trying to do things with the other 2. We are doing pirate week and have great plans. It is frustrating seeing how little we get done. I feel like I should be able to do more. I know the key is being more organized and printing stuff and planning lessons at night. But between baby, Earth Babies, writing, knitting and just wanting to spend time with Yme. Time is in short supply. But I am sure if I did get more of a plan at night it would work better. When I am tired I am grumpy, it is not even all Titus’s fault. I often work during the time when he sleeps better. And so I was grumpy today. Rachel and Caleb fight a lot at the moment and I was less than happy with them. This in the picture Rachel drew of me first, then she added Titus

3 thoughts on “This too will pass

  1. lol at her pics – shame man they speak volumes. This too shall pass is sometimes the thin thread that keeps us connected to our sanity. x hugs

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