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sleeping baby


I love weekends. I love having Yme around for 2 whole days and just being able to not worry about coping on my own for 48 hours. He is such an amazing hands on dad it is great.

Friday I was not feeling so well and seemed to have a 24hr tummy bug, spent most of the day in bed with yummy cramps, less than normal consistancy bowel movements ( I actully spent 10 minustes thinking of what to call diarrhea that was not hectic but sort of well okay I will just stop no one wants the details) and nausea. We were going to Yme’s mom that evening and staying over as I had something on in Durbanville the next day.

I did what I could to get the older 2 to try pack their things but I was really not feeling grand bazaars. Yme came home from a long day at work, packed all the stuff for me, himself, baby Titus, Rachel and Caleb, packed the car with the 500 extra things that you need for one night out with 3 kids. He was just great.

I went to bed soon after getting to his mom and he made sure that he kept the baby with him sleeping on his chest while he watched TV so I could get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible. The worst part about being sick when breast feeding is all the medication that you can’t take. I wanted to try buscopan for the cramps but it can drop milk supply and as we have had issues before I thought I was not going to risk it.

Saturday I felt so so much better that I was able to go to my knitting tweetup. Yes I am 34 and excited about meeting a group of ladies to sit and knit, yes I know we sound like we are 70 or 80 but I am told movie stars knit now a days and I love it. Thanks to Tania for letting us use her house. I am hoping we can have more such tweetups soon. More than knitting it is about meeting up and chatting and supporting other women.

Caleb came with me but Annatjie and Yme looked after Rachel and Titus. So handsfree time to knit was very much appreciated. I made most of a banana and a hat and an apple. I was very chuffed. Caleb loved being with me alone for a change and was so delighted about going on a playdate.

I am so grateful for my time off from holding a baby. I do feel bad though as last weekend I was learning to spin ( wool) and next weekend I have a birthday high tea at Mount Nelson and again I will need Yme to watch Titus and the others but he has so kindly said he would – I love this man!

Saturday afternoon I played Viva Pinata a lot, it was my first time and I had watched Jacques, Annatjie and Rachel play before but this was my first time. I was very addictive and good we do not have an x-box at home.T-man has started solids ( yes at 4 month, but that is another post) and I wanted to share this cute picture of him and a finger biscuit.

sleeping baby

Sunday was a slow start and the F1 this afternoon. Quite an eventful race. Would have been better if the Red Bull boys won but it was a good race for a beginner like me to watch as it was not too boring. Chatted to both my sisters on skype tonight – I miss them.

so what were you up to?

4 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Just a question. What does Yme do when Titus needs milk or does he drink from bottle too? Thats the only reason why I cant go anywhere without Nadia.

  2. I missed this post! I hope you will have another knitting tweetup soon. Was so excited in the week building up to it.
    When I was pg/breastfeeding I used Tissue Salts. That stuff rocks. See if you can pick some up at Clicks or at a Health shop. You can even use them for Titus.

    ps…can you please mail me your address? I want to send you some hats that I knitted for your challenge.x

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