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The Money Book – Cash in a Flash

Cash in a Flash

This is the money book I was talking about. Somehow I was just drawn to the book. The 3 principles or recipe for being ready to make money are quite different from what you expect. You do, at times, begin to wonder what all the self introspection is about and when does the part about making money happen. They use the movie Karate Kid to illustrate. The little Chinese man Mr Miyagi makes Daniel wax cars, paint fences and all sorts of other manual labour. He gets cross he want to fight the bully. Little does he know that training his muscles are all part of the process.

As I mentioned in a previous post, after you have looked at yourself you write down what you have available to you right now, what can you use right now that could help you make money. Solutions often come from problems.

I was trying to figure out how to draw in Gimp and make a image of what I drew the other night so that you could read it. But I am challenged at these type of programs and I could not get it to do what I wanted. I have a very very low tolerance to frustration so I gave up.

I am just going to write what I did under each Topic and would love to know if anything I am not seeing jumps out at you. I have to write 3 things under each of these heading

Mind Cache brain

1) Knowledge
– Nursing degree specializing in Palliative care, special interest in Midwifery and childbirth
– Natural Parenting
– Teaching

– Writing, I have been told I write well, i love doing it butt seems so strange as someone struggling with dyslexia all my life to
– creating stuff
– Ideas, I love having loads of ideas (the Geek must be so tired of me saying “I have this idea”)

3) Confidence
– Empathy with people
– Writing
– Teaching

4) Failures and Fears
– Maths
– Organizing and planning
– Non completer finisher

5) Problems
– Focus
– Time
– Money

Heart Cache

– Helping others
– My family
– Environment

2) Desires
– Off the grid eco friendly house
– Uplift women in need
– Eco wedding

3) Talents
– Making things ( knitting, crafting, baking)
– Writing
– seeing peoples stories

4) Wisdom
– Be true to yourself
– You need a team
– You never know until you are in that situation

5) Connection ( people you know who are successful)
I am not going to fill these in on line

So does anything jump out at you?
What would your list look like?

One thought on “The Money Book – Cash in a Flash

  1. Sally, I’m so surprised to see you list ‘Non completer finisher’. I look at all the crafts and projects you do with envy because you actually get them done! Like the alphabet stones – you had the idea, collected the stones, and DID IT, plus posted a photo of the finished product 🙂
    I fear I would have had the idea, collected the stones… and then they’d be sitting somewhere in the house for months (or longer) while I ‘got around’ to actually doing anything about them!
    I have a room full of half finished / barely started things I want to do. And then there is my ‘to do list’ which is a long as my arm…
    So, I’m not sure this is a major weakness of yours. Yes, you have more ideas than you are able to complete, but that’s a good thing. You just have to pick and choose the best ones!

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