Ads or no Ads – that is the question

Money Money Money it is on all of our minds. Times are tight and up to now I have resisted covering my blog in ads but I feel I would like to add some revenue making ability to it. Who has gone this route and what did you do and does it make any money? If you read blogs what do you hate with ads and what feels okay? I really want to tread carefully here.

What I thought of so far and would love to hear your thoughts:

A sponsors section in which I could offer small banner click through ads to relevant companies. Like if I blog about crafts or supplies etc there maybe some of the suppliers that would like a banner. Or kids products etc.

Affiliated links with a place like Kalahari where if I blog about a book, like the money one then I put the click through link and maybe a small Kalahari button. It would not be in every post and I would try not to make it seem like I was pushing books just to add links.

I see bid or buy and some others offer money making things too. Have you used them? or see them and what do you think?

So the final touches are still being added but I hope you like it and now you can find me in one place HERE. It is strange days could go by without me blogging before and now I could write about 10 posts a day. I have so much to say and share. Don’t worry I will try not blog 10 a day 😉