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The New Look

PieI have not been actively blogging for a while. Life got busy and things seemed to fracture off into so many small piece that I never seemed to have time for anything let along blogging and I landed up with blogs all over the place. I had Pink Hair Girl and then started the Pinklets blog so that my ex would not have to read what they were doing in the middle of my stuff. It was in hope that he would engage and comment, which he does infrequently. I then started Pinky and the Geek for our baby journey and it was the right thing for the time but now when I want to blog about the kids including Titus I never know where to do it. On Pinklets? Here? on Pinky and the Geek so then I landed up not doing it at all. The the knitting idea started and again a new blog but what if I wanted to blog about a craft that was not knitting would that come here and then knitting there? All too confusing.

But I am one person, a bit like a pie with lots of parts but all making up one pie. So I decided to put the pie together. I needed a new theme to facilitate having all these parts in one place and it still needs some work. But a huge thank you to the Geek for helping me find a theme and put it all together into the wee hours of last night. I have added the shop of knitting stuff (not quite finished but still) at the top. Pinklets and Pinky and the Geek are linked pages at the top. Pinky and the Geek will stay like that. That story is finished for me. I need to get the Geek to write his birth experience to finally close the story but I would like to leave the link there so people who find this or are interested can read the story.

The Pinklets blog I actually want to import into here and add the posts and comments. I am just a little nervous as I am not sure if I add it here will it mess with the post numbering or structure on Pink Hair Girl? Anyone done this? Merged 2 blogs both with posts?

Now when I want to talk about one of the kids I can just do it here and not worry if it should be on this blog or that blog and then just never do it.

Hope you like the new theme, please add and comment or suggestions as to how I could change or make things better.

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