Painted Alphabet stone

Alphabet Stones

Painted Alphabet stone

I got the idea from Pinterest and decided to make our own. We live at the beach after all. I don’t need too much persuading to go to the beach, it really does good things to my soul. Sand under your feet. Kids running free and the sounds and smells just press all the release and relax buttons in my brain. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am grateful.

But back to alphabet stones.  So I lovingly collected enough flat ones of the right size and then set about painting them. A spray of varnish afterwards and I think they came out quite well.

7 thoughts on “Alphabet Stones

  1. Lovely! Such a cool project to do with the kids.
    The beach is undoubtedly my happy place. I LOVE IT!
    You have blogged so much these past two days. Keep it coming!
    I’ve missed your writing.

    • Thank you. I like I got into a cycle of no blogging and it was not good for me. I feel excited to blog now it is all combined and I have one place to keep track on. Just need to add the Pinklets blog into this one but still figuring out how to do that. So many ideas I could blog 10 times a day rather than struggle to find even one post. Yay glad to be back blogging

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