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Pick your battles

This is something that I have used with the kids and have to tell myself over and over but it applies to relationships too.

I am The Amber Necklace Lady. After all they are one of Earth Babies top seller. Clients often ask me if they work and I am honest about my experience. We never had them when I had Rachel and she had no problem teething. Caleb had one on 24/7 from a few months old and he had no problem teething. So I tell them I am not sure if the necklace helped or if they just had it easy. I do tell them I have plenty of clients that swear by them and they report a big improvement in teething symptoms.

This time it was Titus’s turn, the only problem was that Yme is dead set against them. He is a scientific man and says they are hocus pocus and he does not want his boy wearing one. He was not trying to be difficult it just really is something he does not like.

I was gutted, to me they look so lovely and always get comments which is good for business. For a few days we had a little passive aggressive war where I would put it on during the day, when Yme was at work, and then he would take it off at night.

Finally I thought, this means more to him than it does to me, I can let this one go. So no amber for T man, but he has a dad who loves him so much a necklace does not matter.

(Murphy’s Law he is a terrible teether)

10 thoughts on “Pick your battles

  1. Love your new theme.
    I have many friends who use that teething necklace and they swear by it.

    Mmm…I think that a bit of compromise may be needed?

    Hocus pocus or not, if it makes the teething any easier on baby then I would at least give it a try. I have never used one but wish that I had at least considered it at the time. May very well have saved my sanity at the time…

  2. I love this look!

    And yes girl, you are so correct about this! The same with parenting.
    But I tend to try again – so if he is a terrible teeether – ask him to reconsider. Then you will know if ti works!

  3. This made me smile. And then it made me angry. And then I had to laugh at myself again.

    Hocus pocus or not, I reckon if it’s not causing him harm, let him wear the beads. But that’s not my call to make, is it?

    I’m glad you are able to grant Yme his say on the matter and leave it at that. I’m not sure I’d be able to do that. 😛

  4. I did try in the beginning to say that if it is not harming the baby then why not etc etc. But for whatever reason it really irritates him, he reacts differently to Titus when he has them on. He is a fantastic dad he does so much, he does way more than I have heard most dads do. He cares for me and all the kids and goes out of his way to make our lives as good as possible. This is just a thing he has, so I have made peace and let it go. I love him too much to make daily war over this.

  5. That is rather sad especially as it sounds like Titus could actually benefit from them. As you already know I am sold on that they definitely work – I was sceptical too but proof was in the lessened drool and happier baby. Funnily enough it is the scientific side that made more sense to me and helped me to overlook the hocus pocus side of it all.

    Good on you though for respecting something that is important to Y.

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