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Pick your battles

This is something that I have used with the kids and have to tell myself over and over but it applies to relationships too.

I am The Amber Necklace Lady. After all they are one of Earth Babies top seller. Clients often ask me if they work and I am honest about my experience. We never had them when I had Rachel and she had no problem teething. Caleb had one on 24/7 from a few months old and he had no problem teething. So I tell them I am not sure if the necklace helped or if they just had it easy. I do tell them I have plenty of clients that swear by them and they report a big improvement in teething symptoms.

This time it was Titus’s turn, the only problem was that Yme is dead set against them. He is a scientific man and says they are hocus pocus and he does not want his boy wearing one. He was not trying to be difficult it just really is something he does not like.

I was gutted, to me they look so lovely and always get comments which is good for business. For a few days we had a little passive aggressive war where I would put it on during the day, when Yme was at work, and then he would take it off at night.

Finally I thought, this means more to him than it does to me, I can let this one go. So no amber for T man, but he has a dad who loves him so much a necklace does not matter.

(Murphy’s Law he is a terrible teether)

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What are you good at?


We were in a 2nd hand book shop in Gordon’s Bay last weekend, as avid book lovers it is hard to pass a book shop and not go in, besides who does not like a bargain. As a home schooling mom I am always on the look out for books to use for the kids. I found an awesome Coastcare Fact Sheet Series File, all about the SA coast line. Living at the coast we spend a lot of time on the beach and the kids ask a lot of questions so it is nice to have a reference guide to look things up in.

But I digress, I found a book called Cash in a Flash – Fast Money in Slow Times of course this is a catchy title but the skeptic in me was dubious. There is no such thing as fast money – or is there? I picked it up and flicked through quickly. 2 things caught my eye, the one was that this was a book actually focusing on you as a person and not so much about money and the second was a small bit about how the model of being dependant on someone else for your money does not get you far but then neither does being independent because very few start up businesses actually make it. They talked about Interdependence and how women were better at working with a supportive team behind you and your idea than men were.

Anyway I got the book and have been so enjoying it. All I keep thinking is, if I can make money I can help other people. Friends, community etc etc. I always feel like I need to give back, I have been privileged and want to help improve the lives of others too.

The first part is all about your mind and how you think about money and yourself, they challenge you to be positive, change your self dialogue, see the good in stuff, imagine yourself in the lifestyle you want, etc. Being positive and having that energy around you attracts the right decisions and people.

The heart part is about what is your indivudual skill set that makes you passionate and good at certain things. They say that fast money is about the stuff you can do NOW to bring in money that does not need to wait for investment or education etc etc. The low hanging fruit as they call it, later you can move onto to stuff you need to work harder to get. But their point is that we all have a cache of skills and knowledge driven by our passions that we are good at doing now and can make money from.

As I wrote down the headings on a paper I did my little mindmap drawings that I would use when studying – for me drawing it makes a connection with it. I am a novice at drawing but it was actually quite fun. From these categories you are supposed to in 90 minutes come up with something you can do. ( there is a lot more to the book) but it was a good exercise. Amazing how much harder it is to find the good stuff than the bad.

If you can’t see the picture that clearly the left side of the page is the mind cache and the right the heart cache
Here are the categories and the pictures that I drew

Mind (brain) : knowledge (brain), skills ( hand), confidence ( exclamation mark), failures and fears ( thunder cloud), problems ( road block)
Heart (heart): passions (fire), desires ( person dreaming), talents (toolbox), wisdom (owl) and connections ( linked chain)

you have to write your top 3 under each topic, it is quite a good way to see on paper what you are good at. Next move is to find a dream team to work with to translate this into something that I can use as a plan and an idea. I was wondering if it was silly to post the things I wrote here and then seeing what you guys think since a lot of people I really love and respect read this blog and I value their comments?