Our weekend away

Part of my birthday present from Yme was a weekend away at a wine farm in Franschoek. It was called Chestnut Cottage

I have been meaning to post these for ages. We took Titus with us but left the older 2 with Annatjie. Shame poor Caleb it was the first time that we have left the kids overnight since Natasha died and the difference was noticable. Before we often did not get as much as a backward glance or a quick hug before they run off to play. This time he was very tearful and worried that I would not return. Fortunately Annatjie, Jacques and Wouter are good at taking his mind off things and he actually managed fine without us.

We arrived after dark on Friday night. Smallest Pinklet kindly went to sleep like Lord Muck and Yme and I were able to have a meal and a glass on wine together uninterrupted

Quick snack before we went into town the next morning

The river running behind the cottage

Front of the cottage

View out the front – wine farm and mountains

Titus chatting to mommy while she knits

Oh I fell in love with the fireplace – I want a fire place

7 thoughts on “Our weekend away

  1. Titus is so cute now. I love it when they start talking in their language. My sister’s baby is now 6 months old and is also talking to us, which I so adore 🙂
    Glad you and YME have enjoyed the time away. Every couple needs it.

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