I <3 Pinterest

I am so in love with Pinterest. I spend my breastfeeding time with Titus lying on the bed with my Galaxy pinning.

For those who don’t know Pinterest is an on line pin board to keep all your ideas and projects. You can also collect ideas from what others have pinned.

I found most of the ideas for Caleb’s Lego party and am so excited to try the ones we have seen for Rachel’s Alice in wonderland mad hatters tea party. I have ideas for the house. Craft and knitting ideas and so much more.

I made Rachel a skirt from an old t-shirt that was too small for me. I made bath fizz bombs like the Lush shop. I made delicious sweet potatoes gnocchi with gouda sauce. 

There are ideas to upcycle, make, bake, create, do, motivate, inspire and more. More ideas than I will ever have time to do but wow it fills me with energy and buzz. I love ideas and I have even complete a few which is great for a non-completer finisher like me.

I can see I will need a Pinterest category for my blog to record the things I am doing.

Have you joined? Do you love it? Have you made anything or been inspired? If you have not joined but need an invite let me know in the comments and I will invite you.

11 thoughts on “I <3 Pinterest

  1. I received an invite from @cazpi some time ago but I haven’t activated my profile yet. Think I may have deleted it because I couldn’t find it the last time I looked. Would you mind sending me one please?
    I am almost too nervous to go on because I fear that this is going to become an obsession in my life…

    • Will send you one. It can be an obsession but a good motivating one. So many money saving, upcycle tips. Loving it.

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