What the heck do you call a 30 plus year old boyfriend?

Boyfriend sounds like we are in high school and just somehow sounds trivial for the status of this relationship. I cringe everytime I have to say it. But what other options are there?
Partner would be great, it is the one widely used in the UK for all relationships married, non married, gay, straight everything it is a catch all. Unfortunately here in South Africa people seem to equate this with a gay relationship only. Which along with Yme’s name sounding a lot like Emma could lead a lot of people to think it was me and my girlfriend, which I have no problem with, but I am guess he would prefer most people to think he is male.
I googled synonyms for Boyfriend and got:
Beau ( maybe if I was in the time of Jane Austin)
Mate ( a bit animal like)
Companion ( sounds very unromantic)
Suitor ( sounds like I am being pursued)
Lover ( sorry that part is private)
Significant other ( yuck)
Better half ( I am not admitting to being the lesser half)
These are all crap too so my thought is he is just going to have to marry me so I can say husband 😉

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  1. I think the best solution will be him to marry you. I also dont like the boyfriend. Now that I think of it, dont even think there is a word in Afrikaans to use. The only one that comes to me is ‘kerel’ and that is also very high schoolish.

  2. Well… don’t want to burst your bubble, but I know a few guys that have husbands too. So ultimately that’s not an absolute either. Although as you’re female they’d put two and two together… and still get 5 anyway. 🙂

    • True Robert and I am all for gay marriage or maybe we should just say marriage, it is for all and should not need to be defined to one group or another. But like you say I am guess that me being female and saying husband would infer he was male.

  3. I refer to my husband as my boyfriend, my “partner” (I really don’t care about the gay connotation) or my “love”.

    My favourite way to refer to him = My Love.

  4. Well I *am* a thirty-plus boyfriend and quite happy with the title as such, at least, for the time being. I think the understood meaning of the term changes with age, how we see a boyfriend/girlfriend at age 18 and how we see one at age 31 is different and most of society understands the difference I think.

  5. I think “boyfriend” is the bane of many relationships since so many women are over 30 when they decide to get serious! I used “beau” a few times, and “my other half”. I also used “sweetheart” a lot.

  6. An alternative you could to consider “vryer”. Naaa, just talk of him as “my man”. Married or not it wouldn’t make a difference. 🙂

  7. woops. I also thought as it came out my mouth, erm, is that the “correct” term for Yme? lol! Gosh, much thought to go into this one – but ya, I also say get married – we can start pinning wedding ideas if nothing else 😀 *grin*

    ps: love this new look

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