Our weekend away

Part of my birthday present from Yme was a weekend away at a wine farm in Franschoek. It was called Chestnut Cottage

I have been meaning to post these for ages. We took Titus with us but left the older 2 with Annatjie. Shame poor Caleb it was the first time that we have left the kids overnight since Natasha died and the difference was noticable. Before we often did not get as much as a backward glance or a quick hug before they run off to play. This time he was very tearful and worried that I would not return. Fortunately Annatjie, Jacques and Wouter are good at taking his mind off things and he actually managed fine without us.

We arrived after dark on Friday night. Smallest Pinklet kindly went to sleep like Lord Muck and Yme and I were able to have a meal and a glass on wine together uninterrupted

Quick snack before we went into town the next morning

The river running behind the cottage

Front of the cottage

View out the front – wine farm and mountains

Titus chatting to mommy while she knits

Oh I fell in love with the fireplace – I want a fire place

I <3 Pinterest

I am so in love with Pinterest. I spend my breastfeeding time with Titus lying on the bed with my Galaxy pinning.

For those who don’t know Pinterest is an on line pin board to keep all your ideas and projects. You can also collect ideas from what others have pinned.

I found most of the ideas for Caleb’s Lego party and am so excited to try the ones we have seen for Rachel’s Alice in wonderland mad hatters tea party. I have ideas for the house. Craft and knitting ideas and so much more.

I made Rachel a skirt from an old t-shirt that was too small for me. I made bath fizz bombs like the Lush shop. I made delicious sweet potatoes gnocchi with gouda sauce. 

There are ideas to upcycle, make, bake, create, do, motivate, inspire and more. More ideas than I will ever have time to do but wow it fills me with energy and buzz. I love ideas and I have even complete a few which is great for a non-completer finisher like me.

I can see I will need a Pinterest category for my blog to record the things I am doing.

Have you joined? Do you love it? Have you made anything or been inspired? If you have not joined but need an invite let me know in the comments and I will invite you.

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#AliceBucketList – South African Goodie Box

Once again Twitter has proven how powerful it can be. There is a really brave young 15 year old girl in the Uk with terminal cancer. She has started a bucket list. Somethings she can do and there are tons of people helping her with local stuff, then there are place she would love to have gone but she can not travel anymore. Here is her list on her blog they are not asking for money and have declined having a donate button on the blog. I thought getting a nice box of things from somewhere different might be fun.

I thought it might be nice to send her a slice of South Africa as I saw a lot of SA tweeps tweeting about her, this was we can be involved in a small way. Stacey from story scarves ( yes I still owe you my scarf *blush*) is going to put a story scarf in. I will make a hat and collect some special shells from our west coast beach to put in the box. It does not have to be anything expensive but maybe something personally made or special from South Africa. Let me know if you would like to be involved. I am happy to collect everything and then post it ( I will need some help with the overseas postage costs but am happy to be a collection point and put it all together)

Please leave a comment or email me if you want to help with the SAbox cameronsallyjane(at)gmail.com ( you all know to change the (at) to @ hey ;-P )

Edited to add:

People have been asking about the time frame. I think if I ask that everything gets to me by the end of July so aim to post it mid July to give the good old SA post system a chance to get it to me. I will then box it and send it on.

This is not about the expensive stuff just a small something, after all who does not like receiving an exciting mystery parcel from overseas. But I wanted to add that one thing we can all do that is on Alice’s list is to register for Bone Marrow donation here are the details

From @6000’s blog
Registering as a bone marrow donor does take a bit more effort, but it’s actually not so hard.

You can find all the information you need on the Sunflower Fund website, but the basics are these:

To become a bone marrow donor you need to be:

  • Committed to help anyone (not just the person who motivates you to join)
  • Between 18 – 50 years of age
  • In general good health (with no history of hepatitis or sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Weigh over 50 kg

Do not register as a bone marrow stem cell donor if:

  • You think you might need a test for HIV, Hepatitis –B or C.
  • You have injected yourself (even once) with illegal or non-prescription drugs.
  • You have taken money or drugs for sex.

All you have to do to start this process is call 0800 12 10 82 weekdays 9am-1pm or 2-4pm or email donorqueries@sunflowerfund.org.za

You will need to give 10ml of blood for tissue typing.
And should you be a match and have the opportunity to save a life, contrary to what you may have heard, the actual donation process is minor, with very little discomfort.

Life goes on

Today is Caleb’s birthday. I have taken some pictures and will do a happy post on the Pinklet’s blog. But this is a sad one, this is after all my space to say things in my heart and head. Feel free to skip if you like.

We were driving to the park for a picnic and cake for Caleb’s birthday and I  thought about seeing the family later tonight, suddenly tears are pouring down my face. You see life goes on, birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day etc they all still keep coming, and she is not here. Sometimes it just seems like life should stop, but it doesn’t. It just keeps going. Life does not stop for grief.

Natasha loved the kids and I know how much she would have enjoyed spoiling Callie today. We celebrate and live on but there is an empty space.

What the heck do you call a 30 plus year old boyfriend?

Boyfriend sounds like we are in high school and just somehow sounds trivial for the status of this relationship. I cringe everytime I have to say it. But what other options are there?
Partner would be great, it is the one widely used in the UK for all relationships married, non married, gay, straight everything it is a catch all. Unfortunately here in South Africa people seem to equate this with a gay relationship only. Which along with Yme’s name sounding a lot like Emma could lead a lot of people to think it was me and my girlfriend, which I have no problem with, but I am guess he would prefer most people to think he is male.
I googled synonyms for Boyfriend and got:
Beau ( maybe if I was in the time of Jane Austin)
Mate ( a bit animal like)
Companion ( sounds very unromantic)
Suitor ( sounds like I am being pursued)
Lover ( sorry that part is private)
Significant other ( yuck)
Better half ( I am not admitting to being the lesser half)
These are all crap too so my thought is he is just going to have to marry me so I can say husband 😉

Homosexuality, School and Obedience

Do you ever land up thinking something and wonder how on earth you got onto that train of thought? Today was one of those days. I heard a news bulletin about a columnist, now foreign representative, calling homosexual people dogs and pigs. I thought why we always equate insulting someone with likening them to animals? Animal in most cases behave a hell of a lot better than us humans. Then I tried to think if anyone had used an insult like that on me and how I had felt. Even though animals are nicer than us, there is something about the insult that is mean to degrade you as a person and make you somehow less than human, no worthy of being human.

I remembered back to high school and a teacher who I disliked a lot humiliating me in front of the whole class by saying I talked more than a bitch on heat. If you know me then you know that this is probably true ( it is funny actually), yet I wished that I was not shy and scared of authority like I was then, I wish I was me now. There is no way I would have let the fear of my minor wrong doing let someone get away with a comment like that.

I wish that I knew that no matter what I had done, even if I had talked non stop his whole class, that his comment was totally inappropriate. That instead of feeling humiliated and landing in tears feeling powerless to do anything about it I would have stood up and taken him to task. Then I was afraid as I thought I was wrong and that he somehow was justified in what he did, he was the teacher. Now I would not mind if he did not like me standing up to him and in fact I would have loved the challenge of seeing if he might like to repeat what he said in front of the head.

Why was my fear of authority so great that I was willing to let an obviously inappropariate comment go? This then made me think of an article on paretning that Ghilraen and I had discussed this morning. That blind obedience is not a trait that we ever want to encourage in our children. That they have the right to an explination and to be heard even if it does not change the outcome of our decision they should know why and they should be able to say their side. If you want to read the article it is here Sure explaining everything is harder and it is easier to have the “because I say so” mentality but I never want my kids to be so fearful of authority that they let obvious injustice slide, or stop thinking for themselves. Because it is when we stop thinking and follow blindly that we become more like animals rather than anything to do with our sexual orientation.

If you could follow this convoluted train of thought well done. I just needed to write it down, to remind myself that explaining and reasoning and working with my kids is worth it. Not easy, no, in fact much harder, but worth it if they never have to feel powerless at injustice like I did that day.