It is my birthday!


I love my birthday. I love surprises and feeling special for the day. Yme really out did himself this year. I know he deliberated a lot about what to get. In the end he got me a Galaxy Tablet! The self same tablet I am writing this blog post on. It is great, very similar to my HTC Android phone so easy to use and familiar layout. I love it, a total spoil present. I had put practical things like pots on my list, this is like a little luxury all for me.

But wait there is more, you know that time away in a cottage I was longing for and blogged about here well he organized that too. My friend Ghilraen is staying with us and she is going to watch the 2 older Pinklets and we will take little Titus with us for the weekend. We are going to Chestnut Cottage ( how quaint does that sound!) I cant wait!

He also took all 3 kids last night to go shopping for little gifts from them. I got woken up by my lovely family and had presents before Yme went to work.

I got lovely presents from Ghilraen and family too, including beautiful beaded earings, bracelet and necklace which she cleverly made for me. She bake a cake which she is now bravely decorating with help from all 5 kids, while i have been sent to the room to play with my toy so the cake can be a surprise.

A few years ago I would never have imagined I could be this happy or this loved and cherished. I know it sounds cliche but even without all the gifts I have all I need. I am loved beyond my wildest dreams.

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  1. Awwww….Sally. You are such a lucky lady and so, so blessed. Yme is awesome. You should totally keep him. Enjoy your weekend away. I can hear how happy you are in this post. Love it.x

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