Can I share a little fantasy?

Minds out the gut please it is nothing kinky. I am sure The Geek and his mom are rather glad I am not divulging kinky sex fantasies, hmm although…. no, removes own mind from the gutter and back to what I am fantasizing about.

But first due to my small obsession with words I need to explain why I chose the word fantasy and not dream or even wish.

According to the dictionary, fantasy is in the realm of the impossible. I know this is never going to happen.

Noun:The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable.

As some of you know I love knitting. I love creating new things. I am working on my new website, it is just slow as I have limited time between kids, baby, life and doing the actual knitting.

My fantasy is a week away in a lovely quiet place. As winter is approaching I imagine log fire cabin, big claw baths, beautiful scenery. Very few people around, all meals provided. Lots of chocolate, cheese and other decadent snacks and a big armchair where I can knit uninterrupted all week.

I have orders to finish as well as ideas spilling over I am dying to actually create. What I lack is uninterrupted time. But I guess that is the curse of most mothers.

What would you do with a week off?

14 thoughts on “Can I share a little fantasy?

  1. In a week off, I would love to it just be me and hubby, in a Hotel room. Doing absolutely nothing for myself. Just relaxing, spending time with hubby and doing stuff like seeing movies without interruptions 🙂

  2. Shame Sal I remember 2 years back you were dreaming of a similar space away – sounds heavenly.
    I was sick last week – enough to take myself off to bed after dropping kids off at school and not feel guilty about it lol – so I read and read and read … was a little slice of heaven.

    • You know now it is just because I want to knit. I have so much love and support now, it is less about a break from them and more that I just want to make all these cool things.

  3. Oh, wow! A whole week off? Where to begin?!
    I’d have long, hot bubble baths every day, with wine & chocolate & everything.
    I’d dress up and go out & have sushi & drink vodka cocktails til the wee hours at least once in the course of the week. I’d sleep til brunch time every. single. day! I’d watch movies and read and go shopping for things I totally don’t need but have wanted for ages and then I’d spend hours walking around, looking at all the gorgeous things in the shops that I normally daren’t go into for fear one of my brood will break something…
    Just imagine! 🙂

    • MeeA that all sounds heavenly, I like the shopping without worrying something will break. I think I would add a spa treatment or 2 to my list

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