The bookcase of awesomeness.

I have wanted a Pac-man bookcase ever since I saw a link to one on line.

Last weekend Yme and his brothers set about to make one. Wood was bought and strapped to the roof of our little fiesta. Power tools were purchased. Designs were drawn and much noise was made. They got it all together and then during the week sanding started.

Pacman bookcase

Pac-Man bookcase

pacman bookcase

Yesterday was the last of the sanding and painting. The wall was also painted blue to match the photo feature wall.

Pac-man was hung last night in all his glory. I posted a picture on FaceBook. Sharon was worried books would not fit. So I have included a picture with books


I made a mosaic mirror for the guest bathroom, it just needs to be polished.
mosaic mirror

14 thoughts on “The bookcase of awesomeness.

  1. It looks so awesome! When Yme phoned me on Thursday he sounded so excited! LOVE the mirror frame. It’s so pretty. You’re both made of awesomesauce and Win.

  2. Aaah now see, with the books in it I can see that it is quite large. The FB pic looked like it could only take Caleb’s toy cars. Perspective is a good thing 😉 Looks good and well done Yme.

  3. Very, very cool. Can I order one from Yme? How much will he charge me?
    Love that you are making your huisie by die see your very own…

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