Excuse me… your green is the wrong way around

When I was growing up there was a friend of mine from Cape Town who’s parents moved to Pretoria. Suddenly this blonde surfer boy found himself with no sea and a whole new life. He used to talk about Cape Town all the time and how great it was and how much he missed it. Nothing in Pretoria was good enough. Look I know that after living in Cape Town, Pretoria must seem like it has nothing to offer, but it was my home. I have a genuine soft spot for that city. It is quieter than Jhb, it is prettier and friendlier. The pace is not as hectic, but besides all that it holds all my childhood memories and so that makes it special to me. I used to feel quite angry with my friend for dissing Pretoria and moaning all the time about how much better Cape Town was. I thought it was insensitive to keep on and on about it to the people for whom this town was home. Made you feel second rate some how.

I hope in this post I do not do that same thing, I love Cape Town. I love our Huise by die See. I love that there is so much beauty all around me. If I leave our house and head to town then we see the mountain. If we go to Durbanville to go through the winelands, if we go to Melkbos we have the beach. All around us is beautiful, but ( there is always a pesky but) they have their green the wrong way around.

Summer in Pta is the rainy season, we have awesome afternoon thundershowers which cool the hot day down and make everything green and beautiful. Summers out in the garden are lush and green and it is beautiful to sit outside. Flowers bloom and grass grows and it is gorgeous. Winter is dry, but we are all in doors. We don’t mind if it is a bit brown, there are cold days with clear skies. The garden is less green and things rest during winter. Sometimes the grass goes brown and dry but when you are not spending as much time outside this is okay.

Cape Town I am afraid has this all backwards, no one needs a green winter! It is wasted as we are all hiding inside from the rain. Summer is dry and the garden, unless you have a borehole is brownish, the grass is hard and brittle and hurts the feet. I really love this place but you got the green all wrong. Summer should be the growing time with the rain to make plants and stuff grow, after all the plants rest in winter. Gardening here is a nightmare.

5 thoughts on “Excuse me… your green is the wrong way around

  1. ROFL as someone who grew up in the Cape and have spent most of my life living there I totally get this!! I love Pretoria, I’m happy there (when I’m not in Badplaas). I love summer rains for that exact reason, the green is the right way around. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime πŸ˜›

  2. THANK YOU! Sally for putting everything in perspective. I’m glad that paradise does not have it all. I love Pta, the thunderstorms!! even missed that in White River/Nelspruit – they just couldn’t get the highveld storms right.
    I love the Cape, but that single thunder bolt/sound each winter was just not enough.

    Having said all that, I wouldn’t mind living there for some time.

  3. I grew up in Molteno and I feel the same way but with daaffodils! In Molteno it gets so cold that in spring there are tons of tulips and daffodils (my favourite flower) everywhere. Also there are blossoms all over the trees – those gorgeous pink fruit blossoms. Here in PE there’s a bit of colour, but it’s nothing like a Molteno spring. I must admit that I wouldn’t swap the lack of spring for the cold though…

  4. LOL… I beg to differ! I think we have plenty things backwards in Cape Town (not to even mention, but I will, that bloody WIND!)
    If you’re really lucky you find a house on a wetland with a very high water table and then you get green all year round… might have a problem getting subsidence insurance, but yeah suppose that’s not really important is it πŸ™‚ )

  5. My hubby is exactly what your friend is like. He so diss PTA after growing up in Cape Town. He so wants to move back there, only problem, work is scares there. I know everywhere it is but in his proffession, it is more scares there. Anyway, I would not know. I’ve never been in Cape Town in my life. Always just know Gauteng en Mpumalanga (Ou Transvaal) and that’t it.

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