Do you wear a watch?

I have worn a watch since I was about Rachel’s age. Every single day, it is part of my comfort zone. I know what the time is. This does not mean that I am usually on time it just means I know how late I am.

I lost my watch recently at the beach and am at a total loss without it. It was a very nice Fossil with a light pink mother of pearl face. A bit like this one


Now with new baby on the way and all the extra expenses I can’t afford another Fossil so I have been looking. It seems like I am rather fussy, I just can’t find a cheap watch that I like. The dilemma is do I stay watchless until i can afford what I want ( with kids read, never) or do I just get something so I am not at a complete loss during the day? I once thought it was about 4pm and it was 7pm! the poor kids are getting to be very late.

Now that I have joined the ranks of the watchless there are lots who tell me they never wear a watch. How do you manage? I am forever hauling my phone out of my bag or needing to make sure that it is near me it is a real pain.

Do you wear a watch?
If you could have any watch what would you have?

12 thoughts on “Do you wear a watch?

  1. yes, i wear a watch (most days a fossil too… otherwise a swatch)… feel lost without it!
    I like being on time and hauling out a phone etc is not as convenient as looking at your wrist.
    I’d say get a cheapie if you can’t afford one now, with the baby on the way… can’t be without one!


  2. I never wear my watch, I tend to look at my cell if I need to know the time.
    I have 2 lovely ones. I am also not at all fussy about watches though hub is. If i felt the need to wear one to keep track of time I would really not be assed as to whether it was my perfect watch just if it was functional

  3. When I don’t wear a watch, I am always in environments where there is clocks around me, so I surely know how you can feel lost without time. There is just no way I could function without knowing the time.

  4. I always wear a watch, just don’t feel right without it on, almost everyday it is a silver casio digital watch which to me is the most awesome watch ever made, it has a stretchy band so no clasp etc. My other “smart” watch which I hardly wear is a black Rado, it is analogue with digital underneath. And I have a Fossil watch, silver with purple face, that I never ever wear coz it was a present and not my own choice.

  5. No. I’ve occassionally bought and worn a watch, but I’ve mostly relied on my cell/PC/laptop/clock in my office/clock in the car to keep time. I’m generally on time/early for meetings, so the system works well for me.

  6. I tend to only put my watch on when going out, or doing something that needs me to keep track of the time. I just have a cheapie, because I only replaced my dead watch from high school when I didn’t have my phone for awhile.

  7. Don’t wear a watch. But did at one stage when I worked. Now my time is my own to spend as I like – but wisely. ha-ha.
    I like living without time but I put reminders on my cellphone for dates and such. I can also now “read” time by the sun and shadows in my house and garden.
    Have two clocks on the wall and my car clock.
    Oh, and my husband is a good clock too. 😉

  8. I haven’t worn a watch for about 5 years. I have three beautiful watches but its seems that when their batteries run out, I forget to put new ones in and since their batteries have all run flat, I haven’t bothered to wear a watch…I don’t miss it.

  9. I hardly ever wear a watch. I feel less rushed that way. And since the housebreaking last year where they stole my 2 watches (both birthday presents from my dad) I have also not replaced it. Just like you I cannot find cheap ones that were as nice as the expensive ones I had.

  10. my awesome mom bought me this watch today as a present for Titus’s birth and an early birthday present. It feels so good to know the time again.

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