I have great parents

My parents came to visit this weekend, the Pinklets were so excited to see them. They have such a special relationship. Everyone else fades into the background in Caleb’s life when his Bumpa is around.

My dad brought them a bird feeder he had made them and they are delighted to sit at the dinning room window to watch the little birds come to the birdy cafe. I can see that next we will have to add a bird path and bird table for fruit.

Koos is making his arrival soon and so not only did they fill my freezer ( that they bought us for Christmas) with food, but my mom spent all of Saturday and Sunday morning cooking up meals for me to freeze so when baby comes we have ready made food. Poor dad, if he thought he might have a relaxing weekend he was much mistaken, mom made him peel, chop, wash, cut and help.

I am so grateful to have such wonderful, helpful parents. They just muck in and help and still seem to find plenty of time to go for walks with the kids and their bikes, read stories and go for outings to the beach.

I really hope they retire here one day, I know 2 little people who would be over the moon.

9 thoughts on “I have great parents

  1. You sure have great parents from what I read.
    I have to say that the way you describe your parents is exactly how my parents and my in-laws are. Such wonderful people. You and me are very blessed indeed 🙂

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