DIY Pink Hair – how to dye your hair unusual colours at home

I have had pink hair for almost 2 years now and I still love it. I am not thinking of changing it back any time soon. But it does require maintenance. My hair grows fast so I need to touch up the roots every 6-7weeks. I used to have it done at the hairdresser which I have blogged about before here but however nice 4 hours of me time at the hairdresser was I just can’t afford the luxuary any more so I do it at home now which is surprisingly easy.

People ask me a lot of questions about my hair so I hope this post helps to answer some of those.
Remember I am no professional and I am just sharing my thought, please check with your hairdresser if you are worried and no one is allowed to be cross with me if all your hair falls out.

First where do I get the dye?:

I get it from the UK, from a company BeeUnique my sister bring it out for me when they visit, if I am running short I have also ordered from Amazon as they will deliver to SA whereas the company I use in UK does not post to here. They have a great gallery on their site so you can see what different colours look like and a great review section to see how long the colours last and how people found using them. You can get anything pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, green and all in lots of shades too.

What dye do I use?
I use Special Effects Atomic Pink I have tried other pinks but they wash out in between 2 washes to 2 weeks this one lasts the full 6 weeks and I need to redo it becasue my roots are showing and not so much becasue the colour has faded. Please excuse my no make-up cell phone pics, not very glamourous

How often do I redo it?
every 6-7 weeks

The colour at 6 weeks
pink hair

The roots
pink hair

I have some help at home but they would like to remain anonymous 😉

How do you get it that colour?

First unless you have naturally very blond light hair you need to bleach your hair first. I used to have it done at the hairdresser and I would recommend for the first time to try have it done there as you are not sure how your hair will handle it and what strength you need. I used Volume 30 for mine and it works in 15-20minutes but my own hair is lightish.

Once you have had it done once or if you have really short hair, or you are willing to risk it, then you can do it at home. I use a highlight refill kit which has gloves, and the 2 bottles of stuff you need to mix to put on your hair. You need something that is a bleach and not adding colour, so the normal blond kits that dye it blond are not quite right, look for a plain highlight kit

This is the one I used and costs R25! bonus
pink hair

I have these nifty pink mixing bowl and brush that I got from BeeUnique but if you buy the full bleach kit I know you get a brush in it, I am not sure about the bowl but you can use a normal tupperware that you don’t want to use for anything else again. The bowl and brush are really essential, you can’t get the stuff onto the roots properly without it.

pink hair

Start at the front and separate the hair across the top in small sections at a time, if you have been to the hairdresser watch what they do so you can copy the basic idea. You need to paint the bleach on the roots that are showing but not overlap down the hair that was bleach before otherwise it gets weak from being over bleached. I see from my hairdresser pictures that they used to put it on a lot thicker, I find the way we do it works as well and that my head is not as itchy afterwards.

Bleach can leave you scalp a bit itchy and dry for a few days afterwards.

If you have never done it before do a strand test before to see how long it takes to get your hair the colour you want. Mine is fine going yellowish as the pink covers it well, if you are adding a very light colour you might need to leave it longer to get more of a white colour but remember the longer you leave it the more change of damaging your hair.

pink hair

I leave mine for 15 minutes from the time we are finished and we work quite fast during the time we start putting it on.

Gosh these really are not very flattering pictures but non the less here it is after the bleach rince
pink hair

pink hair

Next paint the pink all over your hair, starting at the roots like you did for the bleach, divide into small section to make sure you have all the roots covered and then work what is left of the bottle into the tips as they have had colour before and you need to make sure the roots get the longest time with the colour on. This dye I use is cool as it is a semi permanenant dye that is supposed to even be Vegan friendly. So you can leave it on for quite long without it doing any damage. In fact I leave mine for 1-2 hours and it is actually conditioning so my hair is super soft afterwards

Dye on
pink hair

I use a cap to keep the ends from messing all over me ( very attractive)
pink hair

2 hours later I rinse and add LOTS of conditioner. Note you may want to wear gloves for the rinsing stage and the dye may stain your grout in the shower. A lot comes out when you first rinse and it will also come out in smaller amounts each time you wash your hair.

I tried to get a pic of that shows the real colour afterwards but it is actually really hard as it was night, these I guess sort of show it. Sorry some of a bit blurry

pink hair
pink hair
pink hair

The wind today was not helping either but I think you get the idea
pink hair

Looking after your dyed hair
Use a good conditioner
Bleaching will leave your hair drier so you don’t need to wash it as often, I used to wash mine every day to every 2nd day now I try to do it no more than once every 4-5 days and longer if I can. I less you wash the more than natural oils can revive and your colour will last longer.
Use a treatment in your hair. I use a intensive conditioner and then just leave it in all day on the weekend when I know I am not going anywhere. You can also use almond oil on your scalp too. Most of all have fun and experiment

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  1. Very cool. Thanks Pinky. 🙂 I just want strips of colour in my hair, do you think if I used foil I could do it at home too?

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    • Hahah Tony that is why I did it yesterday my photographer friend Colleen is down from Jhb and wanted to take some beach pics. Hence the hair needing re-pinking.
      So with make-up new pink hair and a professional I might actually look semi okay 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always wanted fire engine red hair but every time I’ve tried it I end up being an awesome shade of red for a day or two and then it turns to carrot. Have been wondering how you get your hair to stay pink.

  4. I would never be able to do my own hair like that, it is just too thick and I have too much of it! I miss having chilli red hair, though, but I just couldn’t afford the hairdresser as I had to have my roots done every 4 weeks.
    I love the atomic pink, such a pretty colour.

  5. I came across your website in a (desperate) search for more blue hair dye (I bought 6 tubs last time and it kept me a while). From a hard dye fan, this information was awesome for the newbie. I just wish you pointed out more how everything is stained by the colour, bathtub, sink, hands, clothes, tiles, even the walls in my case (i’m a messy dyer). Thanks for the Amazon idea, I also used BeeUnique, as well as SilentScreams when they still did that. Now I can buy new dye and go back to my glorious blue mayhem 🙂

  6. You forgot to mention how much fun it is when you have a friend come over with pizza & wine and then we get to dying and chatting and rinsing and dying and drinking and drinking and drink …… 😉

  7. i *love* your hair! i think i’m going to do something dramatic with mine while i’m on leave… but will probably go for streaks instead of a whole head of brightness as i’m a bit of a wuss. will also get it done professionally as the last time i tried to dye hair by myself i painted my ear bright red!

  8. thx for the advice.just had my hair dyed,it was meant to be the primary rihanna red,as she did 2 weeks ago&to try experiment,she dyed it more of a dark brown with red tone. This was because the red before washed out in just 4 washes. my hair was stripped a month ago and now I have to start all over again. any suggestions on how to strip my hair myself with it now being a dark dyed brown?cant I use a prelightening kit once or twice instead of bleach?

  9. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair pink for a really long time now, this was really helpful! But i have dark brown hair, will the blonde highlighting kit work for me?

    • They do list brown and darker brown on the box it just needs longer to get the lighter colour. But you need to be careful as bleach can damage your hair and skin so be careful. Maybe go to the hairdresser for the fist time and then you just needs to do maintain the roots. Even if it is not totally bleached, even lighter hair will take the colour better. Good luck, would love to see your pictures afterwards.

  10. Hi I also do my hair pink but only one side on the top and am struggling to find the pink dye. I was wondering if you could let me know where to buy the pink dye as I am running out at this point in time. Mine I got overseas. I hope you can help me as your hair is the pink of mine.
    Maxien Barnes

    • I get mine from overseas too. I have not found anything here that lasts long enough. I use Special Effects Atomic Pink which my mom brings back from the UK when she goes to visit my sisters.

    • I see they do the Manic Panic range. I tried Manic Panic Hot Pink and found it just did not last as long as Special Effects.

  11. I have considered getting a couple of people and then buying a bulk package from overseas with just dye. then we split import duties and such. Because I can’t afford R300 for a tub just because I’m not interested in the hassle of sourcing it from overseas…and I have to buy bulk if I do make the effort. My blue is almost finished 🙁

  12. What brand as it sounds great that we could share the costs as I would like to get from overseas. Think about it and let me know what and when and the cost in total because I love the Atomic Pink

  13. I use special effects whenever I can, currently on manic panic just because of the schlep of getting it here. I will see what prices I can get, but import duties I’m always uncertain on since it changes every day.

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  15. Hi there,

    i dye my hair blue and here is what it looks like

    I too use the highlighter refill!! Great minds think alike.
    I get my colour from
    The colours are amazing and they post to sa .. their prices are good – I just bought 3 tubes and incl postage it cost me £23.46 – which is nothing! My order was here within 10 days. I highly recommend their dyes.

    As per usual the darker the hair colour the longer it lasts .. I have to touch up my hair ever 3-4weeks, but then I wash my hair every 2 days.


  16. Well… I’ve officially taken on the challenge to dye my hair pink, might need a bit of a trim before I get started. We’ll see how it goes, I might even document it too… 😀

    Here’s hoping that I don’t have a general failure! 😛

  17. Hi there! Does Clicks still sell the highlights kit? If not, where else can I buy something similar? And also, will it be more expensive? I don’t want to spend a lot of money as I just want to dye the tips of my fringe.
    Your hair looks amazing by the way! 🙂

  18. Hi there! Your hair looks great! I have been using pink Splat! for a month or so but it washes out super fast. I originally bleached it then used the pink Splat. I just ordered Atomic pink and I am wondering if I should try to bleach it first, or just wash as much of the pink splat out as possible and put the Atomic pink over it. I’m leaning towards not bleaching. What do you think? Thanks!!!

    • I never bleach over hair I have bleached before. I just do the roots. Atomic pink should cover anything else you have underneath so I would just over dye after washing out as much as you can.

  19. Omg WOW!! I love your hair! It looks amazing you’re so stunning I’m so going to try this. I hope I can pull it off as well as you!

  20. Hi, did you know that you can purchase neon pink dye from Modern Monroe website @ R70 each. I just bought 10 boxes for R350. Gonna go pink for breast cancer awareness.

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