FitFlops – gym while you walk, do they work?

I got these very cool pink Fit Flops from my sister in the UK for my birthday. I entered the world in May so it was a while before it was warm enough to wear them in Cape Town. But since then I have worn them a lot and been asked quite a few times what they are like and if they are worth getting. I have had people in the Post Office and shop queue ask as well as friends, so I thought I would do a little blog post about them.


Pink FitFlops

I have some lovely Fuschia ones like these. They are by far some of the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. They really support your foot and you can wear them a long time without your feet getting tired. Especially being pregnant, when walking and standing can get tiring they are great. They tend to be my shoe of choice when I need to grab shoes to put on and go out.

My only 2 cons are that mine have white soles and so they tend to get rather grubby looking, especially if I have been walking around on our wooden floors barefoot and then put them on. No matter how much I clean these floors they ALWAYS make your feet a bit dirty. WE would fail that sock test they show on one of the floor cleaning ads. I think a darker sole would be nicer.

They can make your feet sweat a bit, not heaps but if really really hot, like it has been in CT the last few days then it can happen. That said I think feet would have sweated in anything in this heat.

So they are comfortable, but what about all the exercise benefits?
FitFlop Facts

This is what they are supposed to do, I am not sure that I ever felt like my legs got a work out while wearing them, but then again a slow pregnant waddle might not be the best way to assess that. I feel like my bum is expanding to counterbalance my bump so as for them toning my bum and legs I think they were fighting a loosing battle against pregnancy expansion.

They are very very comfortable and even though quite pricey here in South Africa I would still highly recommend them as worth the money.

8 thoughts on “FitFlops – gym while you walk, do they work?

  1. I also tried them on and found them very comfortable, but didn’t buy it because it was just too expensive. One of the ladies at the office have some back problems, and while wearing these no problems at all. She hikes often and is very fit, so she didn’t notice any exercise benefits.

    My Mother-in-law bought a pair as well. She does pilates every day, but after wearing it for a full day she could barely walk the next day. I found it very funny. She is now use to them.

  2. I have the Sketchers ToneUps which are pretty much the same deal just about half the price of the FitFlops. I love them. So so so comfy. They were my choice of shoes when I was pregnant!!!

  3. Paul asked me when my bum was going to start looking like the model in the advertising. Needless to say comfortable- yes 100%.
    Bum like model- mmmmm
    Maybe I should ask for a refund

  4. As you know I also have a pair. I wear them so often I have been asked (on far too many occasions) if I in fact own any other shoes! I love mine, they are SO comfy. As for the toned bum & legs – not so much. But quite honestly I don’t care, my feet don’t hurt anymore and that is ALL that matters!

  5. I have a pair of the superboots (a Christmas present). They are a great fit, really comfortable to walk in and they look amazing. I love them! the leather is so soft and supple. To be honest, the whole workout while you walk thing is just a nice bonus – I would want these just because they look so good!

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