We all do it

I got a video link to a DUI ( driving under the Influence) video via email this week and it was so full of human emotion and always a good reminder. For one small sanctimonious moment I felt ‘oh well this does not apply to me – I am knocked up so not drink driving’
But I have, we all have, I am as guilty as anyone else, but glad I never hurt anyone. It has strengthened my resolve not to do it even when not pregnant. We are pretty good and either Yme drinks or I do never both.

But my bubble of piety was popped when I realized that I do worse. I use my phone when driving, a quick tweet, an sms etc. Then I heard on the radio that you are 6 times more likely to be involved in an accident texting on your phone than when Driving under the Influence! Phone now stays in my bag, it can ping or ring all it likes, nothing is so important it can not wait until I arrive.

So if you ever have even one too many or drive using your phone, this is a good reminder not to. It has shaken me up a little.

9 thoughts on “We all do it

  1. Yup, drink and get a cab… you’re a bloody genius!

    Sadly, it is something that we all do.

    It only takes a blink of an eye for things to go so very wrong. Be it drinking, the phone or just fooling about. Life’s too short to take the chance.

  2. That is so true, we tend to think that there is nothing wrong using your phone while you drive, but it is also very dangerous for those around you and your kids.

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  4. Shaken you up a little, you say? Eish. I think this must be one of the most graphic videos of its kind that I’ve seen!
    I’ve generally followed a dry driving policy for several years now, but even I’ve been guilty of driving after a glass or two in the last year, so seeing this definitely serves as a reminder not to get lax & complacent…

  5. I don’t know where people get the idea they are invisible. The feel obligated to HAVE to answer the phone when it makes a noise. Sorry, but my phone is for MY convenience…not yours. My phone stays in my bag, I put my makeup on before I leave the house, and I concentrate on driving only.
    As for the DUI, if you’re dumb enough to drive drunk, they should take your license away the first time for awhile. I have 1 beer and I don’t get behind the wheel.
    Common sense people.

  6. I have build in Bluetooth in my car so I speak over the phone with both hands on the steering wheel and kids fastened in their car seats. I’ve noticed that many drivers that struggle to maintain lane discipline are speaking or texting on the phone. It is very dangerous.

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