What happened to NaNoWriMo??

I tried, but circumstances proved otherwise, Yme sister has been very very unwell, he was writing exams and unlike most that have time to write at home after work. I am busy with the kids all day and then run my business Earth Babies and knitting for my new idea and generally trying to have time with the Geek at night. This month was just too much.

Besides I did not like my book, the idea was one I wanted to write and then realized that it is not the style or type of book that I am actually any good at doing. It was a valuable lesson and I am glad that I tried it. I am glad that I learnt where I want to focus my writing energy one day. I know life is always busy and that you have to make the time to write. But this was just not the right moment.

If and when the right moment comes, then I will know, so I tried and I learnt, all in all worth while

One thought on “What happened to NaNoWriMo??

  1. Sorry it did not work out – but as you say you learnt from it and know better for next time. Maybe for now write where and when you can at your own pace, it will never be a waste.

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