Developments on the knitting idea

so a while ago I posted on an idea to make knitted photography props and other toys and things. Since then I have been playing the patterns and have done a lot of unpicking! I don’t want to take patterns from the web, so while I might looks for an idea the actually stitches and figuring out the pattern is all my own doing.

Please excuse the pics with my cell camera.


nappy/diaper cover

pixie hat

cocoon bag and hat

Hat and cocoon bag in action – Cazpi kindly agreed to try out some of the thing for me. This is a bigger than newborn baby with a newborn bag and hat, but the arms can stick out, will be making some longer ones too, just wanted to get the basic idea right. Think even for newborn the hat can be a little bigger

Cocoon with christmas hat

hat in action

R2D2 hat as a present for Christmas ( Ghilly don’t show A this page 😉 )


I still need a name. I am really think that Pinky has to be in the title somewhere. So these are some of the ones you guys liked and I liked so please vote and help me decide. Then to kick Andre and Yme to get a website done 😉 might need to start with a FaceBook page I guess

7 thoughts on “Developments on the knitting idea

  1. very cute Sal, they are lovely. My kids still treasure their dinosaurs.
    why not go with something simple like

    Plain Pinkys
    Pink Woolies
    Betwix & Betwine – Pinky knitted creations

  2. Hi

    When I was little, there was an Afrikaans children’s magazine, Bollie. It was later incorporated into the Huisgenoot. In the early editions there was a comic strip of a pink little elephant called ‘Pienkie Poenk’

    You definitely have a niche market worth exploring. Some stuff we get for our 2 year old is only available on the web – ie. babygrows for children up to 5 years old at moomookids

  3. Well… 😉 Nothing’s better or warmer than a “Mommy Knit” I have this on good authority from a good few folk.

    From a marketing perspective, you’ve gotta have “knit” or “knitting” in there somewhere (hey, it’s what I do).

    My suggestion: “Pinky’s Mommy Knits”. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy but gets the message across. I’d also suggest that to ensure that people don’t think everything is pink that you claim ownership by making it Pinky’s an not pink or pinks.

    Just my R0.02. 🙂

  4. Thanks guys I really appreciate the suggestions.
    Robert I want Pinky’s as I want to it refer to me but not make them think all is pink.

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