Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

As an atheist it is hard to have any other perspective than, I am alive today because I am not dead. Nothing has killed me yet or cause me to kill myself. Full stop. Yes we all have talents and gifts and potential but it does not make us live longer or stop us dying. I was going to end with the first sentence but the longer I thought about this topic the more I had to say, maybe I should have just kept the thoughts in my head, because I am going to disagree with what most have said, sorry if i step on toes but this is my opinion you are free to disagree.

I do not think we are alive
1) Because we have an unfulfilled purpose.
2) Because our friends or family supported us and kept us alive
3) hope or prayers or whatever are enough to keep us alive

Being a Palliative care nurse, I have worked with more dying people than most. Plenty had stuff they still wanted to do, or were people who could have continued to contribute huge amounts to society. You don’t get to stay alive because you are talented or because you have something to do or give to the world. We all know of useless wastes of oxygen who continue to live with nothing useful to contribute, and we know of great wonderful people who die. This does not mean that we should not strive to contribute or have purpose and goals, but don’t think that because you feel you have unfulfilled purpose you get to live longer. Make every day count.

Many of us count ourselves lucky to have gotten through certain stages in our lives due to the support of our family and friends. I know it was often only the thought of my sweet kids that made me get up in the morning. But to burden a family of someone who has committed suicide with the idea that if they were there more or loved more or supported more they could have stopped it, is just wrong. When someone is so deep in the black hole of an illness like depression, sometimes all the love and support in the world is not enough. I am not down playing the fact that many of us have been stopped from doing something silly by having good support but even with it sometimes the darkness and hopelessness the person feels, wins out in the end.

Hope, my least favourite word, I have seen people battle with all they have in them, they have had so much to live for and all the hope in the world and I have seen others beg to die who have lingered. It has way more to do with physiology than hope. Not that I think the mind does not play a role but in perspective.

sorry for the toes I stepped on, just my thought. You are alive because you are alive, go out and live it as best you can.

5 thoughts on “Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

  1. God is not a cop out – maybe sometimes not believing is a cop out.

    Being alive has nothing to do with whether you believe or not – if it did there would either be only believers or only non-believers.

  2. Just wanted to add I find this a really silly question “still alive” implies survival – why do you believe you are still alive is a question you ask someone who survived a serious accident or someone who is celebrating their 100th birthday.

  3. I fully agree with what you have written. I am really jealous at how you can express things so clearly. I often read things you have written and thought yes that is how I see things but if I had to try and explain them to others it would just not be as clear

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