Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

I hate housework, I already blogged about not ironing but I hate the rest too. Dishes especially. It actually hurts, being freakishly tall, as Yme calls me, means that basins made for standard height people are actually painful to use when you are tall, so not only does the act of washing the dishes suck you land up with a spasm in your back too.

My mom has a little tile thing on the wall that says “dull women have immaculate homes” well lets just say that I could not be called dull if that was the measure. My business partner and good friend Barbara whom I miss terribly surpised me with a visit on Monday morning. I was in my PJs and the dishes were not done. It was far far from immaculate! But I know she loves me despite my lack of a spotless home. It did however make me wake up at 1:30am this morning to do the dishes. I had fallen asleep early and had not gotten around to doing them before. I hate waking up to dirty dishes it just starts the whole day off badly.

So call me spoilt or lazy or untidy or just too damn busy with a business, home school and other stuff to see housework as anything but a monumental pain in the butt, well the back actually.

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

I am going to deviate from the normal here again. Like the someone who makes my life worth living I could focus out and find something or someone else for this post. I nodded in agreement to Gina’s giving up meat, and was almost going to do the internet like Megan especially since I have been without ADSL for 6 months and it is killing me. 3G is expensive and sucks.

Anyway back to what I am going to write about, surprise surprise it is about me again. But I lost me before, I gave up being true to myself and slipped so far down a deep dark black hole of daily existence and not life that for a while I did not even realize I was missing what made me tick. The pink hair, the turbulent year of self discover all of this, and the ability to feel big again and to be true to myself is all a reminder that I never want to live like that again.

I hope to always, even through difficult times to stay true to myself and teach my kids the value of doing the same

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

I struggled with this one and so went to see what other people were saying who are also doing the 30 Days
I am greatly relieved to see that I am not the only one who can not think of someone here.

Like music I guess I don’t idealize or have heros on pedestals, we are all human and therefor all failable and the sooner we realize that about ourselves and others the easier it is to have more realistic expectations. So when I hear of actors and actresses doing stupid things I am not surprise, they are people. I have some much closer to home heros like my parents and they will remain that way. Not because they are perfect but because above and beyond all else they love me and have stood by me through everything. And they taught me how to think and ask questions.

This would be a much better post if it was writing a letter to a hero or person that was awesome in your life. (Goes quickly to look at the list and see if we get to do that on one of the days) No sadly not. I would so much rather written that kind of letter than the one we were supposed to do today or yesterday. Cop out maybe but I genuinely don’t have things to say for these 2 days – sorry