How to make a Halloween wreath

A boer may make a plan but they have nothing on Pinky!

I am interjecting in all my narcissistic droning to post some pics of our Halloween news
We decided rather last minute to have a Halloween/housewarming party on Saturday. So this week we have been rather busy making all the preparations and finding all the things we needed.

I saw this picture and wanted to make one of these Halloween Wreaths that I saw on this website
Halloween Wreath

But it needed a vine wreath which I could not find anywhere. On my hunting around I found these bamboo paper plate holders and thought that maybe I could make it work. I think we did quite well.

Paper plate holder
Halloween Wreath

Cut the center out of 2
Halloween Wreath

Wired them together right sides facing in
Halloween Wreath

Add dry twigs
Halloweeen Wreath

Add fake spiders web, spiders, tissue paper orange fans, and a skeleton.
Halloween Wreath

I then wanted to make a cake and some cupcakes. We made the mixture and got ready to put it in the oven only to discover that the oven here in the new house does not work, it get warm but no way hot enough to make a cake. Suddenly I sat with all this cake mixture and no way to cook it. I don’t know the neighbours well enough yet so it was a bit of a crisis. At first i thought to try drive to Yme’s mom in Durbanville but with the Baking powder in it would have been too long before the cake could get into the oven so I decided to try microwave it, what did I have to loose. The cake cakes I turned into trifle and the cake actually came out okay for our ghost cake.

My helpers
baking helper

The cake
ghost cake

The Gory Trifle
Gory Trifle

7 thoughts on “How to make a Halloween wreath

  1. Opps – sorry – “can’t you double check them” sounded quite rude, didn’t it!
    I rather meant to write “can you double check them” 🙂

  2. It was an awesome party and your trifle was DELICIOUS so I am glad the cupcakes ‘failed’ and the cake was very yummy too. Now fix your pics so I can see them…. please. 🙂

    • Hi Julia
      I struggled yesterday to get any pics up so gave up after I got those to work. 3G with bad signal sucks, but The Geek tells me we should ADSL by tonight. I can’t wait, will load all the party pics then.

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