Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.


Well I am not sure anyone gets compliments on their feet but being a girl with size 8 feet can suck. Cool shoes never come in the bigger sizes, and besides I am too tall to wear heels anyway.

But more than big, my feet are funny. People actually laugh at them. I have 4 long toes and one tiny runt. I used to joke with my mom that she had me too early before my toe had a chance to grow.

As you can see the toe nail polish is chipped and they really do not get a lot of love. My excuse at the moment is that I can’t really reach them!

So my feet are the thing I guess I have never been complimented on.

9 thoughts on “Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

  1. Hey, just wanted to say yeah some ppl do get compliments on their feet, lotsa guys are into feet so they’ll check them out n sometimes say something about them, happens to me… I don’t think you should say you’re too tall for heels, I think a tall woman wearing heels looks awesome! plus you have nice legs, you’d really accentuate them wearing heels.

  2. I also have big feet! they hardly ever have my size in stock and it REALLY sucks!

    Richard has size 13’s and buying shoes for him is nearly impossible. I’ve threatened to cut the top joint off each toe so we can find shoes that fit!

  3. HAHA…You are the only other girl I know (besides my Mom) who wears size 8. Fortunately I escaped that big foot gene. I will ask her where she buys her shoes. She has quite nice shoes actually. And she is very tall and wears heels too. Your height should not put you off wearing heels. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a tall, statuesque, beautiful confident woman with Pink Hair and high heels.

    • I think I am so concious of my height that it is me that stops me, if you know what I mean
      When I post the Halloween pictures you will see i did wear heels but not for long. Yme is shorter than me anyway and with heels I just feel like I look ridiculous

  4. Size 8? I wish! I’m 13, 5 feet tall and have size 11 feet in women’s shoes. It is so hard to find shoes in my size that don’t make me look like a clown!

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