Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Doing a bit of a catch up here. The move and getting things ready for the Halloween party has made the last few days very busy. But I wanted to get this one over with, I was dreading it but I hope by the time I wrote it I would have found some great inspiration but sadly I have had the page open for hours now and I have had no sudden recall or memory of anything helpful

I am a sad person, I really have nothing to say here. I am just not this kind of person. I do not have one song, artist, band etc that I identify with so much that they made an impact or got me through a tough time. Sure I hear things on the radio I can identify with, but as much as I like music it is not my thing that gets me through. I will as often not put music on as I will put it on. More often just because I don’t think about it, not because I don’t like having it.

I also think that as someone with the attention span of a small gnat I often find background music distracting. I like to read and so I think books are my way of getting through. There is a whole world to escape into.

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.


Well I am not sure anyone gets compliments on their feet but being a girl with size 8 feet can suck. Cool shoes never come in the bigger sizes, and besides I am too tall to wear heels anyway.

But more than big, my feet are funny. People actually laugh at them. I have 4 long toes and one tiny runt. I used to joke with my mom that she had me too early before my toe had a chance to grow.

As you can see the toe nail polish is chipped and they really do not get a lot of love. My excuse at the moment is that I can’t really reach them!

So my feet are the thing I guess I have never been complimented on.