Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Funny how I always seem to start these post with how easy or hard the questions were but somehow it seems relevant to the process. This one is actually hard. I am sure it would just be easy to say that the ex was THE person that treated me badly and that he made everything bad but I am sure that points to intent. He don’t think any of it was ever intentional I just think he for many reasons had a frame of reference for behaving differently. He was who he was and I knew that. I guess you think you can change people or that there is enough good to work it out. He is not a bad person we just were ill suited from the beginning. I now say that it was a destructive relationship rather than abusive because I think we were both had a part to play and made mistakes.

I hope we have both learnt from our disaster and that we don’t do the same to other people. I don’t think the marriage was very nice for either and I think we did a fair amount of making each others lives hell.

Besides that I guess there are always people in life that treat us badly at one or another time. I am not sure I spend the energy remembering who they all are