Day 02 → Something you love about yourself

Why is this one always harder than the things we hate about ourselves?
I could be chicken and just talk about my Pink Hair which I love or my new(ish) boobs which I also love but they don’t really tell you much about me do they. Well, in a way I am sure they do, but I need to think of something else for this one.

So this page has been open for the better part of 4 hours and I still have no ideas. All the things that are good about me have also been cast in a bad light before. I have been called talkative, bossy, scatterbrain, dyslexic. So if I say that I like words and people, talking etc I always think well no I am just too talkative and I get excited and interrupt people and so that can’t be a good thing.

I am an ideas person, I love coming up with ideas and don’t even mind if half of them never happening, I can think of and do a lot of things at the same time but then i guess that goes back to yesterdays thing I hate about myself.
I love writing and am discovering that I can do it quite well, I am very open and not afraid to talk about things that people usually avoid. But the label of learning disabled and dyslexic always sticks. So the book I am thinking of writing I never do because I am too afraid.

I guess the one thing that I love about myself is that I am willing to go against the grain and be outspoken about it. I am willing to stand up for what I believe in and for those that are close to me. I don’t mind be different but I never expect all to be like me or agree with me. I am very very open and I hope that by being open and talking about stuff not always talked about I help others feeling the same way.

7 thoughts on “Day 02 → Something you love about yourself

  1. I am different in that I can think of a lot of things that I like about myself. I tried to write it earlier but can’t pull it off without sounding extremely vain and self-centred!

    • Julia I think it is great to be able to say nice things about yourself. Not vain or self centred at all. It show such strength of character – just do it.

  2. It astounds me how hard it is to think of something we love about ourselves, and yet if you asked your children or your spouse or your friends they’d come up with hundreds!

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