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I have been approached by a few photographers for some knitting props and some friends wanting hats and other toys. So the idea began to grow about a small website and selling a few knitted things. I made 2 hats so far and am hoping to add to the collection and get some nice pics of babies in them and some toys and see where it goes. I know there are a lot of knitted photo props and toys sold overseas so I figure maybe some SA people would like to get some locally instead of paying all the postage.

I need some name idea help, these are the suggestions from Yme, Twitter, Baby Net and others.

Bobble and Purl
Knit wise
A different Yarn
woolly wonders
All knotted up for you
Kidlet kit
Knitted treasures
between stitches
pinky knits
Knits & Bits
pink- tweeny- stitches
Twine & Betwixt
Betwixt and Betwine
Special stitch
Knit knots
The Mad hatter
Mother of Purl creations
knit happens
The Loopy Yarn
Knit Nacks
Sally’s Knitting Hands
My Name Is Purl
Cultured Purl
The Naked Sheep
Knit Happens
Wooly Tales
Betwixt and Betwine

What names do you like?
do you have any other ideas?
DO you think that Pinky or Pink Hair Girl should be in the title?

Here are 2 hats on Rachel’s dolls, very simple just some playing with patterns. Sorry about the crap phone camera quality


10 thoughts on “New idea – knitting website

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  2. that was what I was thinking Jenty, just not very good at this name thing. I think I need to look at some knitting jargon and see if anything springs to mind

  3. Hi Sally,
    Great idea! The T-Rex you knitted for Oscar is still the MOST LOVED soft toy ever!! He’ll definitely be accompanying us to SA in January so you’ll be able to reacquaint yourself with him 🙂
    Regarding names, the ones that especially appeal to me are:
    Knit Happens, Knit-one-pearl-one, Knitted Treasures, and – if you’re specializing in hats – The Mad Hatter (like that one a lot!).
    The following are OK too, but I don’t like them as much as the ones above:
    Pinky Knits, Mother of Purl Creations and Knits & Bits, Wooly Wonders.
    Hope this helps.
    Go for it!

  4. Wonderful idea. Your name should definitely be there. Something like “Pinky’s Stitches” / “Pinky’s Casting On”. Hope you find a name soon. Good luck.

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