Looking back

I was blog jumping tonight, reading the blogs of new commenter’s and following links to other blogs. It is actually quite cool to read some new stuff. I so wish someone would pay me to blog and read blogs all day,  as there are so many  I wish I could keep up with. I am failing hopelessly at even the few I try read regularly.

But I digress. I was reading a post on Doodles of a journo about the unexpected benefits of blogging and how it is a great way to keep track of past events and that you can use it as a reference to check dates and keep memories of holidays and stuff. It is also a way to look back at changes in your life. The post was made on 30 Septemeber and in the comments people looked back at their own blogs to see what they were doing and how life had changed. I looked back at 30 Septemeber 2009, my blog was only 3 months old and it was not a good time in my life. The post that day was ‘ I don’t want to’ – very bleak.

Wow, could the change in one year be so big? I really needed that perspective and look back. I now have the most amazing man in my life, we live in Cape Town and got to spend the whole day at Cape Point today. I have amazing friends in my life. We are moving to our house-by-the-sea this month. There is a new baby on the way – a little unexpected, but all part of the journey. I have grown so much, if only I could have hugged my very hurting self then and said it was all going to be more than okay. But I guess it is the heart ache and real lows that make us grateful for the love and the real highs on the other side.

What were you doing a year ago?

13 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. Cat is is amazing to see how much things can change in a short time
    Spear – I see things that I wish I could have known then but I am not sure I want to delete them, even if they annoy me it is good to know I have changed and moved on

  2. i blogged exactly that today. one year ago…

    I go back and re-read every time I post something new, and I read what I wrote on the date or thereabouts a year, and sometimes 2 years before. It keeps my perspective


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  4. “if only I could have hugged my very hurting self then and said it was all going to be more than okay.”
    These words make me think that if I had the opportunity to Time travel back in time, I will visit myself for this kind of thing. Just to show my young self that everything is going to be fine and better than I’ve ever could have imagine.

  5. Thanks, I have decided to give myself a big hug now. This too will pass. Just feel that maybe a year ago was better than now. But who says….

  6. I wish somebody would pay me also to read blogs and give my lovely opinion on stuff, just for sommer.

    I was looking at a pic taken at Angel and Glugster’s wedding yesterday and thought to myself, no way would I have imagined Noid and I would be married three months to the day later!

  7. Thanks for the comment on that post and for the link love. I’m so glad that looking back has been a realisation for you about how far you’ve come.

    PS: Cape Point is sublime, hey?

  8. One year ago my husband was retrenched and our world fell apart. Completely. I went into a deep depression and literally withdrew from the world.
    One year later my husband is in a job that he loves loves loves! He says that being unemployed for the amount of time that he was was totally worth it. One year later I am getting help for my depression. Things are looking up. My kids are thriving. We are slowly climbing out of the black hole that is debt. And all is well.
    Thank you so much for this post. I am so very happy for you and wish you and your partner all the best.

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