Laws of attraction

I am reading something about birth, surprise surprise and she was talking about what we think influence what happens to us. To a certain extent I think that our thoughts to become our actions but then she went on to say that those that are struggling financially or never have enough money to afford things, talk about not affording things and so it is an endless cycle, with them not attracting wealth because of their negative talk. Now as someone in the position where we are stretching every rand to the max I felt a bit defensive. Surely there is a limit to how much positive thinking can do?

How much do you think that your attitude and thoughts control what happens to you in life? I know that self speak is vital and tell yourself enough times that you are rubbish and your attitude will start to display this. Having been in a relationship where building a person up was not on the agenda and my faults were pointed out frequently. I started to believe it, now I actually think I have a fairly good self esteem. I like myself, I recognize my flaws but I actually quite like myself.

Well I am going to start thinking about having enough money, not a lot, just enough. Lets see what happens. Maybe I just have to have really positive thoughts when I buy a lotto ticket 😛
So how much do you think your thought influence your life?