Confessions of a non ironer

non ironer
I don’t iron, I can iron but I choose not to.

There are a few reasons for this
– I am tall, most ironing boards are not and therefore extreme back ache is the result
– I am lazy
– I hate it with a passion
– I can not see the point of ironing kids clothes when in 3 second they are going to look crumpled anyway.

So there are a few tricks of the trade if you are a non ironer.
– Take clothes out of the machine as soon as it is finished as they crease less
– Be careful how you hang them, use hangers for shirts so there are no peg marks
– put everything away carefully and often, if folded well, the pressure of the other clothes will get rid of most creases anyway

If you take something out of the cupboard and it does look creased you have a few options.
– ignore the creases and wear it anyway.
– hang it in the bathroom while you shower and most creases should hang out.
– boil the kettle open so that it does not turn off, hold item over steam and in a few seconds it is done. Be careful steam is hot.
– If you have something that is mostly okay but has one big crease line, put the item on, wet your hand slightly and dampen the area, as it dries with body heat the crease will disappear.
– Do not be tempted to iron the item while you are wearing it, a friend got a nasty burn like this.

While I was googling for an iron image I can across extreme ironing. It is an extreme sport apparently. Yes there are actually people who love it so much they do it while diving, cycling, sky diving, bog snorking, ice climbing etc. If you don’t believe me go look at the extreme ironing gallery
extreme ironing

Do you iron? Or am I alone in my non iron status?

20 thoughts on “Confessions of a non ironer

  1. I don’t iron either. Never learned how & I’ve managed my whole life long without finding out because there has always been someone else I could ask…

  2. I do NOT iron.
    If I really need something to be wrinkle free I throw it in the tumble dryer for a few min then take it out and lay it flat for a few min.. Works a charm 🙂

  3. I don’t iron. I wear the creases out. If the creases are too apparent to wear I wear something else. Also, I believe in a tumble drier or if relevant, a ghd 😛

  4. I have not ironed in years.
    That said, I hate ironing and I hate creased clothing with a passion. My fabulous cleaning lady comes twice a week and does ALL the ironing for me. I pay her good money for this.
    I am planning to get a tumble dryer. Apparently ironing is not needed if you take the clothing out and fold it immediately.

  5. Yes, and we get away with it, he? I hate it, and only in extreme cases iron. It’s all that wasted time, doing so little but being busy… creases are so IN! 😉

  6. Heehee I was involved in the extreme ironging just before I left Cape Town in 2003. A whole bunch of my climbing buddies went mad on a whole extreme ironing campaign, and we won the extreme irongin award, in 2004 I think it was? The clothspin picture, of the guy dangling between two cliffs with his board, that is my friend. They got quite famous for a while, even got on Carte Blanche and there was a calendar here in the UK with them all in it. Twas cool!

    I never iron. Ever. Thanks for the tips, I usually just wear awful creased clothes.

  7. I don’t iron unless I absolutely HAVE to. I think i own 3 pieces of clothing that i can’t get away from ironing. Luckily these aren’t items that get worn often. I’m good at shopping for clothes that don’t crease or when it does crease it’s easy to get rid of. I quickly learned all the tricks of how to hang up clothes as to not to have to iron them when i was in varsity. So do i iron…yes…but i can probably count the amount of times i do a year on my one hand and not need all my fingers 🙂

  8. So with you! BTW that sign you have with the iron and the x through it. Lila saw it on a piece of clothing and went “Mom that means you mustn’t put shoes on the shirt” LOL

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  10. I hate clothes that need to be handwashed.

    I used to iron my clothes on sunday nights after a doing washing saturdays. I don’t pack clothes well so they used to end up wrinkled anyway.

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