Chop chop

I did not sleep well on Tuesday night, it is always the same when I have to wake up for something important the next day, I wake up just about every hour. I think the most nerve wreaking part of the day was having to drive into town, I had no idea where I was going or where to find parking. I had asked on twitter the night before and with the GPS actually found the parkade people had suggested. It was on the next street and the entrance when you walk out takes you across the street from the Divorce court. Could not have been easier.

I got the just after 8am, Andre was already there and we had coffee and chatted. How cool, in Cape Town central you can sit outside a coffee shop and relax. I am not sure that the same is true for Pta or Jhb. It was a lovely day and the coffee shop even had a clean toilet which is a must when pregnant. Great start to the day.

At about 8:45 we headed to the court and found where we were supposed to go. Apparently they help all the people with lawyers and that are on the roll first and then the waiting room full of people waiting for state help. So we stand around and wait for the lawyer. And we wait and we wait. 9:15 he phones and says he is on the way, he pitches up at 9:50! The court has already started but he slips in and soon says I can go in. Our case is called next. After some confusion as to why I am there and not the ex the actual process goes very very quickly. Apart from the lawyer thinking that ex is in NZ rather than UK and not actually telling me what I am supposed to say it was all okay.

I am glad it is all over, it has been a long fight and while in many ways it does not change much, in another it does. It makes it final it draws a line and means that new beginnings are just that, new and not tainted by the unfinished.

I went to fetch the kids from Suzanne, she said they were really good, which is a relief. They get on really well with Suzanne’s kids and Caleb was so exhausted from all his playing he fell asleep in the car and transfered to bed and slept a good long nap. Again I am so grateful to friend who help me make it all easier.

The best part of the whole day was coming home, yes it was messy and looked like a tornado swept through it, we had all left in a rush in the morning, BUT it was a place I know I am loved. Above all else and even through disagreements and stress, all is based on love and wanting to make this a happy home. Thank goodness for 2nd chances, maybe that is what one celebrates.

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  1. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I myself also wake every hour if it is something important or exciting the next day and that tends to worse the whole situation being tired.

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