So he has a girlfriend!

It was Rachel’s birthday on Friday. I asked ex to please send her a card as I was supposed to get the gift for her. He was offshore and moaned he could not do it in time. But then the next time he phoned he told her he had posted her a card and she was so excited. No matter what happens between him and I and who thinks who is to blame or who feels more hard done by, I was always dissapointed that he never posted them anything. It costs next to nothing to post a birthday or Christmas card or even a letter but nothing. I have things the kids made but was never given an address to send it to. I got one address and then was told not to use it as he was moving. I finally resorted to sending a card to my aunt in England who he is friends with.

So today we go to the post office after checking all of last week and there is a parcel slip for her. I don’t recognise the writing and wonder who could have sent it. We open it and it is from ex, well it is written in a woman’s hand writing and lots of loving words ex would never write himself and is signed Daddy and Lucy.

So the first we get to know of the girlfriend is a name in a card. Shew that needed a bit of explaining. Don’t get me wrong I am delighted that he has moved on. I wish them the best. I hope we both do a better job this time around in our new relationships. I just think he should have prepared her. I had millions of questions I had no idea how to answer. I wish he would spend some time telling her about his life rather than drilling her as to if I am doing enough school work with her.

But it does make sense as to why he has not been obstructional about the divorce anymore. Everyone said it was because I was knocked up, but he started cooperating before I announced anything so I think maybe the new woman has motivated him to get this done.

And on that note, this time next week I am DIVORCED! Yay wow it has been a long long fight.

9 thoughts on “So he has a girlfriend!

  1. Yes, what an awful – cowardly – way to tell a child.
    My brother did the same thing though – my birthday card was signed “Peter & Helen”, when I had no idea at all who Helen was. And then they split up, so I’ll never meet her now!
    Somehow a family birthday card seems too intimate to be signed by (and in Rachel’s case written by!) someone one has never met…
    And I’m VERY sorry to find that the new girlfriend has the same name as me!! 🙁

  2. Not a nice way to find out but it sounds like she put effort in and maybe a little feminine guidance and prompting on that side will mean he will start to think of doing those little things that will keep them in contact.

    If Rachel asks him just one question about Lucy when he next calls maybe that will prompt him to go into more detail for her and let her feel more comfortable to ask questions.

  3. Yay on the divorce! So happy things are finally settling!
    Regarding the girlfriend – I honestly don’t think he thought that far! Good luck with all the questions!

  4. Hopefully the presence of the girlfriend means that things will improve between him and the kids. It sounds like she might have some influence to get him to do things he has previously neglected ( like sending the kids cards on their birthdays). That can only be a good thing for the kids.

  5. I hope congratulations is in order with regards to the divorce. I am so sorry you had to find out about the girl friend that way. Now it will make it easier for you to move on, knowing that the divorce will be thru next week.

  6. w00t for divorce (are you having an unhitching party? you can get a wedding cake with the groom ripped off :-P)

    sorry he was such an insensitive twat with the method of letting you know tho.

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