Twitter, is there a limit to what should be tweeted?

I remember catching the tail end if discussion on Twitter about stuff people thought should not be tweeted about – over sharing. One person said that someone was rather frowned on because she tweeted during a miscarriage. I said I might tweet in a similar situation as it is a time you need support.

Little did I know that a few weeks later, this would be me. I started bleeding last week, you can read the while story on (where are my pants) I did tweet, and I received the most overwhelming support and good wishes. For me it made it easier to go through, knowing I had support and people who cared.

So what do you think, is there an over share on Twitter, should some stuff be off limits?

11 thoughts on “Twitter, is there a limit to what should be tweeted?

  1. I don’t think every situation can be painted with the same brush. There is a time and a place for twitter. This is the issue. When things are going wrong, support can be amazing. Just sometimes, twitter should happen AFTER something.

  2. i think this is totally a personal matter. what one person feels is an overshare another person feels is being honest. same with blogging. and if i was following someone on twitter who constantly over-shared (to my mind) in a way I found annoying or inappropriate I would simply umfollow them.

  3. It’s up to the person tweeting as to what is comfortable and what is TMI. And your twitter friends also have their own limit, and as said above, they can choose to unfollow if they feel you consistently overshear.

  4. I agree with Joanne, however I have found it be a wee bit clicky with some – but that is for post I’m busy with πŸ™‚ Please let me know when you know if it is a pink or blue so I know if I must mail you the clothing I have loads for baby girls πŸ™‚

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