Moving, many hands make lighter work

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When I was growing up I only moved once when I was 5, the rest of my life we spent in one house and it was very stable. I went to one primary school and one high school. The first time I moved after that was when I went to university in Jhb. Since then I have moved a ridiculous number of times. Now when we move at the end of the month it will have been the 17th move in 16 years, not very stable at all. At least 4 of those moves were overseas so not just a small trip around the corner.

The kids have each moved quite a few times in their lives. I am really looking forward to making the house my own and putting down roots. I am delighted that after years of renting I can finally paint Rachel’s room for her. She has wanted her own space for such a long time now. I am not sure how Caleb will take being on his own but it will be nice to make transport bedroom for him with tractors and all

Moving really has to be one of the most stressful things ever. This will be the 3rd time I have moved pregnant! But this time I am promised that all the hard work will be done for me. The best part will be having space for stuff so we don’t have to fall over each other and stuff like we d at the moment. We don’t have fancy furniture, or stuff, but we will have a place that we can start making our own and buying stuff for. Now I just want the time until end of October to fly.

I found this link to 11 ways to survive the stress of moving.

Did you move a lot?

15 thoughts on “Moving, many hands make lighter work

  1. Heh – we’re going for a record. I’ve moved 18 times since I left home 17 years ago. And have lived in the same house for nearly 6. Moving is the pits. Will send champers. 🙂

  2. I’ve moved 14 times in my 27 years on earth. My wish for every child is that they can have the opportunity to live in a stable enviroment for a long time. Moving is stressful indeed.

  3. Luckily I have only moved once. Out of my parents house into the house which my now husband and I purchased together. I hated every minute of it (it was damn hard work) and was quite emotional about moving.
    We are currently looking for another house (as close to the beach as possible) and will probably move within the next 6 months. Can’t say I am looking forward to it but I am looking forward to smelling sea air when I wake up. I guess it will be worth it. And that will definitely be our last move, though I guess one must never say never..x

  4. Hmmm… On a rough count, I’ve moved 30 times in as many years, not counting a few temporary moves (like housesitting for a few months here & there, or times when my stuff went into storage while I went to stay somewhere else). Seems I’ve always been a bit of a gypsy!

    I can’t wait for us to buy or build a place of our own!

    I’m so pleased for you that you guys have found a place you love and I hope you will all be very happy there! 🙂

  5. Moved twice when I was a child. After that I have moved 4 times and we are not done moving, have to be out of this house end of December. Moving with a small baby, gonna be so much fun……NOT

  6. I’m really lucky, my parents moved into the house where I spent my first 23 years, when I was just a baby. I just moved to pretoria to study, and after studies moved back to my parents house, and then moved into the house I’m in now. Very stable life for me!

  7. I’ve only moved about 8 times my entire life so pretty easy going here compared to you. I’m sure this move will go well because it means you will finally be able to settle down and be the “family” you so desire. Lots of love xx

  8. I have moved 4 times during my school years and 5 times since leaving school (in the last 9 years). The thing I hate most about moving is having to unpack all the boxes again.
    Good luck with your move and enjoy making the new house your home

  9. Too many times. We moved 6 times growing up, 11 times as single and 10 times in 11 years of marraige. I agree, the unpacking is the bad part.
    Hope you really enjoy the house and the area you will live in.

  10. When I was a little girl my family moved a lot, the house my parents eventualy bought and still live in was their 10th move!
    We stayed in the same sort of area though, so our schools didn’t change (except for me switching after grade 1 & 2). When I moved out of the house with Damien I didn’t move again until I moved in with my Glugs, and even then- though we hadn’t done it in 12 years- it was torture!

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