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We are house hunting which is not a joyful task with 2 small children when it has to be done after Yme finishes work so they are tried and grumpy. But after some really disastrous houses we found a really nice one near us in Durbanville. It has the 4 bedrooms we need, big modern kitchen with gas and separate scullery, study and storage place for Earth Babies stock. Down side is asking price is inflated for the area, we hate the agent, 3 rooms have no build in cupboards, 3 rooms are together then 2 are on the other side of the house so not ideal for all the kids being and close to us, but then they can share for now and when Rachel is older she might like her own room a bit further away parts are flat roof, gas was self installed so needs certificate. We would be in the area we are and have gotten used to but 30mins from closest beach. Yme works is montague gardens near milnerton so quite a drive already.

We were ready to put in an offer but had an appointment this weekend in Dynefontein near Melkbos which we nearly did not keep, but thought what the hell we love the area and at the very least we can take the kids down to the beach for a play on the sand. Surprise surprise we see a lovely house. It has 4 big rooms with guest room and study and place for EB, it is an older solid house was build for koeberg in the days Eskom gave you a house. Wooden parkett floors, modern kitchen, modern bathrooms. All bedrooms have cupboards, 2 mins from beach, lovely feel to the house. It is the first one the kids asked if we could buy. Same price as the other but more worth asking price if you ask me. Does not have separate scullery but kitchen move open plan to lounge. Did I mention 2 mins from beach and I love the west coast. Has a calm feel about the area.
But it is further for Yme to work and it means moving areas.

So what would you do?

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  1. Melkbos, because it’s a lovely spot and still has a *village* feel. Also it’s closer to a lot of your Twitter friends. Good schools there too, when you need them 🙂
    Only drawback could be the traffic to work, it’s a nightmare from that side.

  2. 2nd house, NO contest!! It’s hard finding THE house, the house you just love from the get go. One that works, for you and for your family and your situation. We also just found *that* house. I think the problem with distance can be overcome with your love of the house and the happiness of the children and the practicality of a house that by the sounds of it needs hardly any work to make it livable. If it’s the same price, but you feel it’s worth so much more, then it’s definitely the house you need to buy.

    I don;t think I’m making much sense here, blame it on the pregnancy brain, but if it were us, we would buy the second house.

    Good luck!

    Much love!

  3. I’d be very tempted by the second one, sounds like a dream… but the extra time in the traffic for Yme is problematic. I know how I feel about the traffic right now.
    Don’t settle for second best though, if you decide not to take house 2… carry on looking.

  4. I would take the 2nd house. No questions asked. Traffic coming from that side of the world is not too bad. Perhaps I am biased because I love love love the West Coast. Seriously. Dynefontein is a stunning area. Go for it!

  5. I’d go with the house you like best, especially if the price is the same.
    That said, if the price is an issue, you can use all the things about the other house that aren’t quite right as bargaining chips to lower the price… (having to get a certificate for the gas; anything that might need fixing, etc.)

    Generally, I’m inclined to agree with Gina – if you’re not 100% sure, keep looking!

    Hope you guys find a great place that makes a warm & happy home. 🙂

  6. I love the feel of the house in Melkbos and have been planning my furniture in it. Taking my mom to see it on Thursday when she is in Cape Town. Yme looked on a map and it is actually closer to work that where we are now and much closer than if we move to house one. I kind of have my heart set on this one, we did look more over the weekend and the more we look the more i want to be close to the sea, it was one of the reasons i moved to Cape Town – quality of life for the kids

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