Pink hair dilemma solved

I decided to try the pink and purple solution to see if it would cover the roots and negate the need to bleach for at least the first trimester. These are the results and you can tell me if you think it worked. Some of you may have already seen these on twitter.

Purple hair pink tips

Purple hair pink tips

And this one so you can see my new cute glasses with butterflies on them
Purple hair pink tips

15 thoughts on “Pink hair dilemma solved

  1. I turned out well – glad you found a solution. Do you have enough purple to get you to through the pregnancy? How does the purple colour hold? Does it work as well as the pink you have or does it fade as quickly as the first pink colours you used?

  2. PHG. I’m hoping you can help me. I have always wanted coloured hair but the only products i can find are semi permanent or wash out. What do you use that keeps your hair so perfectly permanently pink?

    I love your blog it makes being differently normal so much more fun.

    • Geokat: I use a semi permanent dye but it is not like the ones that you get here that wash out really quickly, it was a lot of trial and error to get the right dye that last long but what I found was special effect atomic pink has lots of pictures and honestly if I pre-bleach my hair so it is open to colour the atomic pink lasts at least 6 weeks until i need to bleach my roots again. In fact i usually re-dye because my roots need doing rather than the pink has washed out. It does fade slightly but not that much. The UK site does not deliever to SA but you can find it on Amazon and they have posted to me here before. BeeUnique just has a great gallery of colours, some last better than others. I have tried some of the other pinks but now will only use the Atomic Pink to me it is the best.

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